Who is Leaving @NYCSchools Next? TAG You’re It.

Here is a test. Open Google.com and search my principal’s Senior Field Counsel network attorney -?Marisol Vaqzquez esq

She is my principal’s attorney and has been advising her from day one. ?Great job … Click Here to Read More

What Does @deBlasioNYC Mean for @NYCSchools ?

What Does @deBlasioNYC Mean for @NYCSchools?

I do not have an answer to that question. All my research, that my educator exile has afforded me, has not given me anything concrete as to … Click Here to Read More

NYC Educators Meet DOE Legal

“I have to call DOE Legal.”

“I’ll let you know after I speak to Legal.

“Well…?Legal is?investigating?it.”

“They said contact Legal if the teacher continues to resist”

Legal will know what to do”

Legal will … Click Here to Read More