Good Looking Out UFT

I have been pretty open in my criticism of the UFT leadership on this blog and other forums. There is no doubt that I have voiced my opinion that the largest local in the United States has been pulling punches when it comes to defending the rights of educators. I… Continue reading

Who is Leaving @NYCSchools Next TAG You’re It.

Here is a test. Open and search my principal’s Senior Field Counsel network attorney –Marisol Vaqzquez esq She is my principal’s attorney and has been advising her from day one. Great job Marisol! What comes Google Search –David Brodsky esq He is the Director of Labor Relations and… Continue reading

What Does @deBlasioNYC Mean for @NYCSchools

What Does @deBlasioNYC Mean for @NYCSchools I do not have an answer to that question. All my research, that my educator exile has afforded me, has not given me anything concrete as to what’s to come. I know what I and most parents and educators of NYC want it to… Continue reading

Another DOElemma – DOE violates the Open Meetings Law for Mr. Portelos

  DOElemma: When a NYC Department of Education attorney, or official, has to decide between what’s right and violating a regulation, contract, law or policy. Usually their own. I lost count as to how many policies, regulations and laws the largest school system in the country has violated in an… Continue reading

UPDATED 10/10/13 – Audio Recording DOE encounters. A real DOElemma for DOE Legal

See updated (10/10/13) information at the bottom “This conversation may be recorded for quality control purposes.” In this modern-day David vs Goliath, my smartphone is my sling and I wield it very well. A very vague and confusing SCI report came out on April 25, 2013. In case you have… Continue reading

NYC Educators Meet DOE Legal

“I have to call DOE Legal.” “I’ll let you know after I speak to Legal.” “Well…Legal isinvestigatingit.” “They said contact Legal if the teacher continues to resist” “Legal will know what to do” “Legal will send the form and we just have to put our letterhead on and sign.”  … Continue reading

WWDWD – What Would David Weiner Do

Continuing with “What Would — Do” Week. Yesterday was Chancellor Dennis Walcott and today Deputy Chancellor David Weiner. His bio can be found below. I met and heard of David back in November. I was at an Educators4Excellence event at Baruch and he briefly spoke about the new evaluation. We… Continue reading

I Drank the Kool-Aid and it was Delicious!

I’m trying to write about this based on a blurred memory of the events that I think transpired this week. Monday March 11, 2013, I attended the Panel for Educational Policy meeting at Brooklyn Tech High School. There were many upset educators, students and parents present and I sat with… Continue reading

DOE: “Shut it, I said!”

What happens when you can’t control the guy who is blowing the whistle Well, you try to plug the whistle.Apparently, my situation has transported me out of the United States of America and into some foreign, Kafkaesque society. Logic and rationale play no role here. What they don’t understand yet… Continue reading

Professional Undevelopment

“We want the worst possible teachers in the classroom” – Said no one ever. What I attempted to do, while in educator exile, is learn. Learn about law, physics, earth science, read up on other cases, read up on labor law and union contracts etc. I had ZERO professional development… Continue reading

A DOEble Standard in NYC Education- Cases and Allegations

Please remember to hide your Time Card in a safe place to prevent transparency. No pin required. Just write in the times you want us to believe you worked and the taxpayer will send you a check. Right Principal Hill It seems that there is a “DOEble Standard” when it… Continue reading

New Teacher Evaluation Worries Many Educators, But Not All

On Tuesday November 27, 2012, I spent the day efficiently converting oxygen to carbon dioxide for the 103rd day in the Rubber Room. At night, I attended an Educators 4 Excellence event at Baruch College. I had seen someone share a link on Twitter and saw the words “New Teacher… Continue reading