NYC Educators Meet DOE Legal

“I have to call DOE Legal.”

“I’ll let you know after I speak to Legal.

“Well…Legal isinvestigatingit.”

“They said contact Legal if the teacher continues to resist”

Legal will know what to do”

Legal will send the form and we just have to put our letterhead on and sign.”


Have you ever heard a principal say something like the phrases above The more I talk to teachers and hear their horror stories, the more the word “LEGAL” is mentioned. The more teachers copy and send me their surprise letters, the more I see “Senior Field Counsel” copied on the bottom of the letter. NYC Schools are filled with amazing administrators. However this post as well as many of the posts pertaining to administration is about the ineffective admin. The ones who target instead of support needy or outspoken teachers.

If your administrator is targeting or abusing you, chances are they have DOE Legal on speed dial. Even UFT Presidents stated “The DOE is not run by Dennis Walcott. It is run by over 300 lawyers and accountability experts.

But who are they Time to pull back the curtain and expose the wizard.

Let us start with Senior Field Counsel.

Each school has a CFN or Children First Network that is paid, by school budget (tax dollars), to support them. This includes facilities, professional development, payroll, safety etc. You can find your school’s budget here and see how much your school pays for support.

and look for the line that reads:

TL Children First Network Support $16,000

(TL means Tax Levy)

Then you can find your school’s CFN by searching your school name and CEP. It’s listed in there.


My school, Berta Dreyfus IS 49 (R049) is in CFN 211.

Now I can use the link below or this list below to see that the person Principal Linda Hill called the most was Marisol Vazquez. Or at least it appears she did. I think she used to use Robin Merrill. I’ve met Marisol at smalls claims court when a decision was made not to allow me in the building and obtain my personal belongings. I may be wrong, but my hunch is that my principal and CFN have been in touch with Marisol Vazquez and Robin Singer the most as their names are popping up quite often. Now if you know my story well and you see the great blunders that have been made, you may think “Well whoever is counseling Hill isn’t doing so well.” I would have to agree with you as there was no reason over 300+ students lost out on a quality education for over a year. People listed below are responsible. When the documents come in via FOIL requests or Federal courtdiscovery, I hope everything is on the up and up. Any unethical items by ANY attorney will have to be reported to the NY Bar Association. Lawyers…lawyer up!


Onto OLR or the Office of Labor Relations:

OLR also comes in to play with labor related items like contract grievances.

Their website is :

Of course they are run by Deputy Chancellor David Weiner.

Below him we have:

DID YOU KNOW THAT GRIEVANCES ARE DENIED AT A RATE OF 99.4%. Great work David! You are a modern day King Solomon. Wait until my grievances come up in Federal Court.

David Brodsky also helped create a great “Principal: A How to a Guide” listed below. Check it out.

I have called and emailed both David Weiner and David Brodsky several times, but they do not wish to respond. That will be shared in my upcoming post called “Goliath Hiding”.

Would you believe David Brodsky is a fan of mine I know…pretty crazy. On my site you can enter your email address to get updates on my posts as soon as they are published. I found that list and Perhaps it is not him, but who else could it be.


Onto the top dogs – Office of General Counsel

So if the DOE is run by Legal, who runs Legal It used to by Michael Best, but now it is Courtenaye Jackson-Chase


Courtenaye Jackson-Chase usually sits next to Chancellor Walcott at PEP meetings

Courtenaye Jackson-Chase usually sits next to Chancellor Walcott at PEP meetings

We have many, many more legal players in the game of “Attack the Educator”. They sometimes have obvious names like “Administrative Trials Unit” or ATU. Sometimes they work under the guise of names like “Office of Equal Opportunity” when equal is the last thing that they are. More on OEO in another post. You are not going to believe what you are reading.


Find more about the “Gotcha Squad on Betsy Combier’s site

Keep in mind the OSI and SCI attorneys that are also key players like Ann Ryan, Regina Loughran and Daniel Schlatchet of SCI. You can FOIL SCI docs by emailing Ann Ryan.

If you are being harassed by your administration, chances are there are attorneys pulling the puppet strings. Follow those strings and what you decide to do is up to you.

NY Bar Association- Complaints about lawyers

Be well and never, ever give up.



“You can’t break Portelos”

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  1. LadyJustice Tine

    Ha…I know most of thwe names…and have ther term…”must call legal” a million times.…these people should be illegal. It’s such a predictable game…always end terribly-except for the people causing the trouble in first place. THE BEST POST…EVER….

  2. LadyJustice Tine

    And…is this the Judith Nathan..,that was dating/married to Guiliani….hmmmm. I bet so. Cronyism at it’s best.

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