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Here is a test. Open Google.com and search my principal’s Senior Field Counsel network attorney –Marisol Vaqzquez esq

She is my principal’s attorney and has been advising her from day one. Great job Marisol!

What comes upProtectPortelos.org

Google Search –David Brodsky esq

He is the Director of Labor Relations and he too has done a poor job of making decisions in my case from grievance decisions to preventing me from representing my members as a chapter leader.

What comes up ProtectPortelos.org

Tagging in blog posts is a great thing and it’s something I didn’t start doing until recently. Now I have gone back to tag people in old posts. That way one can click the Word Cloud to the right of my posts and see all posts that relate to that person.

If you told me in early March of 2012, that I would still be adding content to www.protectportelos.org, I would respond “You’re crazy! This is just to show my recent letters of discipline to compare to years of praise and thanks. Little did any of us know it would get to this. By “any of us” I mean from my friends, family, colleagues, administration, the lawyers that were advising them wrong and many others. Who would have thought

Here we are in November of 2013 and the small little site that just had my letters of recommendation to compare to disciplinary letters, along with a brief story has expanded. It wasn’t even a blog at first. It was one long page that I kept adding to. One friend Facebook messaged me a month later stating “Your blog looks like crap! Fix it.” So I did.

175 Posts later. 175 I should have been teaching, not blogging.

On the administrator side of my site, I can take a look at what keywords people search to get to my site. I can see IP addresses and sometime the institution that visits. The US Department of Defense was recently visiting my site. Not sure who or why. The NY State Senate and NYC Council as well. Fans or foes

For example I saw that the NYS Education Department was visiting the same post about Case 12-533 that was open for over 600 days. They visited many times in the last three weeks. Now that case is closed and we await the results. Coincidence

I also saw many searches on “Andrew Gordon” the former Executive Director of Human Resources of the DOE in December 2012 and January 2013. Some searches were from New York University. Next thing I heard was that he left to be the VP of HR at NYU. See here:http://www.nyu.edu/about/leadership-university-administration/office-of-the-president/office-of-the-executivevicepresident/office-of-operations/human-resources.html

This brings us to a possible pattern that the more an employee is searched, the more of a chance that future potential employers are researching them. Isn’t what we tell students “Watch what you put on the internet, as your future bosses will see it.” Unfortunately for them, their future colleagues, employees or employers see these posts.

Mr. Portelos, now as the de Blasio administration starts to move in, have you seen some recent activity

Well I am glad you asked. Here is who has been popping up a lot and I believe will be leaving soon or is at least applying.

Courtenaye Jackson-Chase“- She is the top attorney at the DOE and is thought of by many as telling the chancellor what to do. There have been at least 20 attempts to search her that landed web surfers to this site.

David Weiner Deputy Chancellor” – An increase of searches on him have come up. Two hits were from Harvard. One From Bloomberg. Is that where he is applying One search was weird “David Weiner Deputy Chancellors home address”. Home address Sending a gift That was creepy.

This one is from today:

See also this latest article that may explain the latest influx searches for David Wiener

Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm” came into play in my blog only recently. Her involvement in my case spans a year though. In any case she is mentioned in my blog in regards to an asbestos issue and people out there have really been searching her name recently. I wonder where she will go. Hopefully not School Construction Authority as she is not good at assessing asbestos hazard situations.

District 31 Superintendent Erminia Claudio” was searched and continues to be searched after she recently left her position in the DOE to become Director of Operations at the CSA”

OSI Investigator Lawrence Scott” was also recently trending and he too just left the DOE. He was lead investigator in the 600+ day investigation into my principal. That case again is closed. Maybe he didn’t want to be around when case was published.

It’s interesting that not only are these people searched and lead to this blog, but I am usually in the top three hits.

Some other search terms that land visitors to this small insignificant site are:

Teacher Disciplinary Letter

How to Write a Teacher Rebuttal Letter

Edward Schlenoff DOE

Greg Bowen DOE

Dominick D’Angelo Principal

How To Fight Anonymous Charges Against an Innocent Teacher

Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon

Robin Singer Esq.

I am outnumbered, out-lawyered and out-budgeted, but TAG you are it. Actually, is this a game of tag or manhunt

Reminder DTOE Event this Thursday!




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  1. The former principal of choir academy is suing nycdoe. She one back salary and her position
    David Brodsky and jackson chase refuse to abide by courts decision. Dr. Parris is now taking them to The Ny State court of appeals. She removed the school from closure and improved it in several areas.
    And because she would not fire several teachers without ground so they could close the school they harassed and jose ruiz bullied her. She was diagnosed with a pulmonary breathing disease after being exposed to asbestos and toxic mold when she gave the medical report to brodsky they fired her two days later. She was fired without ground and many of us are losing our jobs after she left.

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