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Today is my 7th day of my Termination Hearing (3020-a). I got out of the subway and ran into a man holding a large sign outside of Tweed (NYC DOE Headquarters). His name is Bill Gunlocke and I spoke to him before and had another conversation today. He tells me that he spends some time holding this sign, outside of Tweed, for over a year. He wants to spark conversation. It’s a good place for it. He also holds it at other locations.

Keep in mind it’s cold outside and only going get colder.


A City Reader

As we took this picture, some guys were driving by in a work van.

Hey buddy…What does that sign say” one yelled.

Bill turned around to show them.

If you can read that sign, thank a teacher!” The worker yelled as drove away.

Check out his blog.

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  1. Unfortunately, the lawyers n arbitrator use can’t think for themselves! Salem Witch Teials!

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