Mission Accomplished- First Don’t Tread on Educators Forum RECAP

On Thursday November 14, 2013, we held our first open forum “Don’t Tread on Educators“. I and others believe it was successful and a great start. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, one educator rolled down their window and said “Thank you. I feel better and going home I now have more support and know more. Good night.” Bam. There we go…mission accomplished.

Unfortunately it was the same night as some Elementary School Parent Teacher Conferences, so there were a lot who told me they could not make it. We won’t make that same mistake in January.

We had a solid group there. If those against us ever wanted to put out “a hit” to suppress any opposition, that would have been the ideal time. We had:

(listed in alphabetical order)

Assailed Teacher

Bryan Glass esq.

Chaz’s School Daze

Christine Rubino

Ed Notes Online

Educator Fights Back

New York City Eye

NYC Rubber Room Reporter and ATR CONNECT


South Bronx School

as well as other educators who are not going to sit and let anyone railroad them and prevent them from educating. We actually even had a DOE vendor who raised concerns about safety and were retaliated against. Can you believe that

Below is a presentation we went over, but keep in mind the verbal commentary is missing and it needs Adobe Flash to work, so viewing it on a mobile device might be a problem.

Click Here for Prezi Presentation

We all agreed that we need this information sent out and in the hands of all those who need it. I emailed about 450 UFT Chapter Leaders last week with information. Hopefully they disseminate the information to their members.

I urge all those in need of help to send a blank email to dtoe+subscribe@googlegroups.com

For those of you in the 3020-a termination process already, see the plethora of information online at NYC Rubber Room Reporter and ATR CONNECTincluding a 6 part series on Chaz’s blog below:

  1. Part I, The Process
  2. Part II, The Arbitrator
  3. Part III, The Lawyers
  4. Part IV, The Educator,
  5. Part V, The “Award”
  6. Part VI, The Appeal

PS: The NYC DOE Administrative Trials Unit and OSI is hiring (Click Here)! Hiring lawyers for firing teachers. Seems like the Bloomberg administration saw the yellow traffic light and instead of slowing down, they are gunning it!

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