DOE: “Shut it, I said!”


What happens when you can’t control the guy who is blowing the whistle Well, you try to plug the whistle.Apparently, my situation has transported me out of the United States of America and into some foreign, Kafkaesque society. Logic and rationale play no role here.

What they don’t understand yet is that when they try to take away my whistle…I GET A BIGGER WHISTLE. Social media was not factored in when they first started attacking educators and wrongfully sending them to the Rubber Rooms. Remember I believe that the four R’s are “Rubber Rooms are Retaliation“. Why else would most of the inmates I speak to be career changers They have seen the outside world, decide to go into teaching, call out issues and are reprimanded for it. This is no coincidental fact. Imagine I was sent to the old Rubber Rooms filled with 150+ people. I would have organized a revolt in just a few days.

Since I blew the whistle on misconduct at IS 49:

  1. My principal disciplined me for emailing my colleagues about union matters using my own website.
  2. The Department of Education denied my grievances even though I inundated them with proof.

    Union Busting Grievance-DENIED!

  3. The principal told me that after she spoke to Superintendent Erminia Claudio, I was “not to have any meetings with any staff members at any time.
  4. An allegation was called in that I was directed to shut down this very site,
  5. I was removed from school, the end of April, and was sent 10 minutes from my house. I continued blogging (blowing the whistle) and was sent 1.5+ hrs away.
  6. Then they prevented me from entering the building to get my personal belongings.

    DOE, Wheres myStuff

  7. I was emailing everyone in the DOE, so the DOE shut down and suspended my account in early May. Not only my email, but my payroll access, my ESS, my ARIS Learn video access, retirement etc. ALL SUSPENDED. I called Andrew Gordon, Human Resources Director and he said “Yes that is correct. It was suspended due to the investigation.” All other Rubber Room inmates have it. They all received important news updates and notices, while I missed out on seven months, including Hurricane Sandy alerts.
  8. I switched to my personal education account and shortly found out that emails I sent from that to ANY account never made it to the recipient. Not even a bounceback, so I think I’m emailing and no one is receiving. It was a techie hunch that it fell into some SPAM filter. I switched to my other account and continued to send from there. That was not blocked yet.
  9. While at 8201 Rockway the Children First Network (CFN) people told everyone to “…stay away from him. He’s trouble.” See my post

    Stay away from him.hes aBlogger!

  10. The Staten Island CEC told concerned parents “Him His own union won’t back him up.”
  11. The president of the Staten Island Parent Federation stated “…but he is blogging everything!”
  12. After Live Streaming the CFN here told me not to bring any computer equipment into the building.
  13. A politianeven told me their recommendation was to “Zip it.” What

Do you wonder why I have a Federal case starting next week to protect my First Amendment right I was and am looking out for thewell beingof the students and school community.

Today took the cake though. I actually got confirmation that yes, a block was put on my account and prevented any of my emails from reaching the DOE. Can you believe that I was informed that only a high ranking official can request this.

231 days and exiled with no charges…

317 days since my they started the first allegation against me…no charges.

Now I find that my principal may have ordered the demolition of a wall for a TV in 2011 without consulting the School Construction Authority and possibly disturbed Asbestos without containing it.

I’m putting down the whistle…..

…..A picking up a Foghorn!

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