WWDWD – What Would David Weiner Do

Continuing with “What Would — Do” Week. Yesterday was Chancellor Dennis Walcott and today Deputy Chancellor David Weiner. His bio can be found below.

I met and heard of David back in November. I was at an Educators4Excellence event at Baruch and he briefly spoke about the new evaluation. We broke out to smaller break out sessions where he explained that he was a principal before and is married to a teacher. At that point I saw Yoav Gonen from the NY Post and Lindsey Christ from NY1. I stepped outside to talk to them. I knew they were following my story and I explained “See that guy in there. David Weiner was a teacher like me. He then went on to be a principal and is now a deputy chancellor. Imagine he was wrongfully exiled to the rubber room back then. He wouldn’t be here right now.” That’s what gave me the idea for this segment.

I went up to David Weiner later. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hi Mr. Weiner.”

David: “Hi.”

Me: “I think we have a lot in common. You were a teacher, I’m a teacher. Your wife is a teacher and so is mine. You were a principal and I am in a program to become a principal.”

then somehow i mentioned my one month old and he asked “Wow and your wife lets you out so late”

Me: “Well I’m out so I don’t have to hear the crying.” I joked. “Do you miss being a teacher or a principal more”

David: “Definitely a principal more.”

Me: “I love teaching and don’t regret leaving engineering and taking a huge cut in salary.”

David: “Really Where do you teach”

This was where it ended..

Me: “Well funny you should ask, because I brought up issues at IS 49 and was sent to the Rubber Room.”

David: “I’m sorry, but I don’t know your story”

Meanwhile he is the deputy chancellor of Labor Relations and HR. I had an investigation out on the former HR Director, Andrew Gordon for false accusations and pretty much televised the Rubber Room around the world the prior month.

Now read his bio below and imagine he raised concerns about misconduct and he was exiled to the Rubber Room. Would I be writing about him today Would you even know who he was I highly doubt it.



*The text in red is my own addition that could have taken place in a parallel universe. Right

David A. Weineris the Deputy Chancellor for Talent, Labor and Innovation at the New York City Department of Education. Mr. Weiner oversees all policies and programs concerning teacher effectiveness and recruitment, system-wide innovation, labor relations negotiations and human resources. During his tenure in this role Mr. Weiner has led the implementation of a new teacher effectiveness system in 250 schools, which dramatically alters the manner by which NYC teachers are evaluated, supported and developed through their careers. Mr. Weiner has also driven the expansion the Innovation Zone (iZone), which has brought personalized learning and innovative practices to over 250 schools. Prior to returning to New York City as a Deputy Chancellor, Mr. Weiner served as the Chief Academic Officer and Associate Superintendent of Academics and Accountability for the School District of Philadelphia, as a principal in San Francisco and in Brooklyn, as an elementary school teacher. Unfortunately, while teaching at the Brooklyn school, he witnessed the principal engaging in financial misconduct. He raised concerns and reported it. He was immediately attacked and harassed. Eventually his administration exiled him to the notorious Rubber Rooms where he sat, uncharged for over a year.

He has also been a lecturer at Teachers College, Columbia University and the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Weiner has an undergraduate degree from Trinity College, Masters Degrees in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Teachers College at Columbia University, and is currently working towards a doctoral degree in education from Teachers College.


See where I’m getting at Hence my Federal Lawsuit for potential prevention of promotion.

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