The SCI Files

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When I contacted SCI on January 26, 2012, I did not have negative items in my file. A few days later, I was given disciplinary letters and investigations were initiated against me. SCI did not take my allegation of financial misconduct. When I met with UFT reps and I told them of my complaint, their words were “…they are going to have the whole terrorist hit squad coming for you!” I didn’t know what they meant, but I know now and so should you.

This is what I have found during my journey uncovering corruption:

Part 1:?The Special Commissioner of Investigation?s Hand is in the Pocket of the Chancellor?

Part 2:?A Tale of Two Videos

Part 3:?Principal, Playboy and NY Post…Oh My!

Part 4:?$ubpoena with a Capital $

Part 5:?Faulty Investigations

Part 6:?Making It Rain

Part 7:?Using 7yr Old Vista to Monitor Portelos

Part 8:?Planting Files and Confiscating Computers

Part 9:?Commissioner Suddenly Finds ?Errors? in their Investigation

Part 10:?SCI Tampers with Video Evidence?

Part 11:??There are No Whistleblowers in the NYCDOE?

You are mandated to report, but contact SCI with extreme caution and follow the Educator Survival Guide