SCI Part 7 – Using 7yr Old Vista to Monitor Portelos

This is Part 7 of the SCI Files

A little Spy vs Spy perhaps


As I was preparing for my case, I came across an email Principal Linda Hill had sent to some higher ups where she compared me to mass murderer Adam Lanza. You might have read the post and email here;Principal Compares Whistleblower to Murderer Adam LanzaBeing that she alleged an SCI Investigator, who frequently visited the school, told her I “really hate” her, I thought I’d ask them since I never said or thought that.

I sent an email to the four investigators that I heard visited the school the most.


From:Francesco Portelos<>
Date: Tue, Jan 14, 2014
Subject: Statement to Principal Hill
To: Redacted
Good morning and happy new year guys,
I was going through my files and found the email, in red embedded in the following post. It appears Principal Hill is making a serious allegation that one of you made an unprofessional statement about me. I asked that SCI investigate, but of course Chief Fennell stated that Commissioner Condon and him agreed it will not be looked into. I thought I would take a shot in the dark and just ask the investigators that visited the troubled school the most.
Principal Compares Whistleblower to Murderer “Adam Lanza”
Thank you for any information you can provide.
Francesco Portelos
IS 49 UFT Chapter Leader
“In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” -Martin Luther King Jr.


What’s interesting is that shortly after emailing that link to the investigators, that link, which is a month old, was clicked and visited. I saw it via my admin access. My access does not give visitor’s names, but rather states Verizon Wireless, Time Warner, AT&T, NYC Public Schools, US Department of Defense (yes, the have visited) etc. This specific link was clicked by a service provider known as Econotek Inc.

I remember seeing Econotek Inc. listed many times throughout my random checking of visitors. So does SCI use Econotek for internet services Possibly. SCI is housed in 80 Maiden Lane. Econotek’s website shows 75 Maiden Lane as one of their new projects. I went a step further and traced back an IP address from SCI Attorney Ann Ryan. It too traced back to Econotek. “Wow Mr. Portelos…you must be a hacker!” Not really…just have to know where and how to legally look. Ms. Ryan replied to a recent FOIL request and I just looked at the header file.

SCI Econotek Visits

SCI Econotek Visits


What else I found was that the user at SCI, who checked my link, was using Windows Vista VISTA “Wait Mr. Portelos…they have over $5 million budget and use an operating system that is six years old Maybe I’m just a nerd, but if Richard Marin, SCI’s tech guy, makes $113,000 a year, can’t he do a little upgrade around the office Vista hasn’t been official supported since April 2012.

I also found that there were 15 visits from SCI to my site in the last two weeks. “I always feel like…somebody’s watching me…”

One last part is that I found they used my Twitter feed to read my posts. Are they followers I know they are definitely fans. Seriously…one investigator told me “I’m a big fan of Protect Portelos.”

Vista Seriously

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