Exiled Teacher Status Update January 23, 2014

Status Update

Status Update


As I write this post I sit in an empty conference room on the 7th floor of of 49-51 Chambers Street, NY NY. I have my bagel and I’m waiting for the rest of the cast members to come in for the next act of this crazy story. Day 17 of my 3020-a termination hearing to begin shortly.

I feel like I should be blogging more, even if it means shorter quick mini posts. Something in my head makes me want to only blog longer, evidence based blogs as I have been doing. I keep hearing though “You should write more.” Which is in contrast to what those against me, who are not saying it, but are probably thinking it…”Shut Up Already Portelos!” Even though reading my posts has become a strange obsession for them.

I think there is a big difference between regretting ever creating this website and ever “having to” create this site. I do not regret creating it, but rather regret ever having to. From what I hear, this site has been a plethora of information for others and some sort of inspiration. I’m very happy about that. This could be my last post ever and the information here, 190 posts and about 20 pages, would still be floating around and available for the betterment of the profession and the fight against corruption in education. Much gratitude goes to the many other many bloggers who inspired me. Too many to name here, but most are shared on my Blog Roll on the right hand sidebar. Some have asked me why I haven’t formatted my site to work better with mobile devices. I didn’t like it. Many important items in the sidebar get lost.

Where are we now Here are some quick status updates:

  1. Today is my 638th day paid not to teach. Seems so crazy to me.
  2. Today is also 724 since I was aimed to be fired by some DOE employees. I’m still here.
  3. Today is the 17th day of my hearing. The prosecution brought in about 13 witnesses over the course of 4 months and rested about December 4, 2013. My great attorney and I, also known as “the defense”, also began our response and bringing in witnesses around the December 4, 2013 as well. Since then we have brought in a good number of eclectic witnesses. I am extremely happy with their testimony and am honored to have them be part of this cast.
  4. My cross examination (questioning from DOE attorney) started Tuesday and continues today. I can’t and won’t share any details of the testimony given.
  5. Speaking of over…we are expecting that closing arguments will take place around February 3rd or 4th and the decision should arrive about a month or so later. That brings us pretty close to the two year mark in regards to my exile.
  6. Case 12-533 – The first allegation I made pertaining to alleged financial misconduct on the part of some members of the administration. Today is…ready for this….Day 728 since I reported the act of double dipping and submitted 80% of the evidence to SCI. Yes, 728 days. If you read my previous posts, you would know that SCI passed the buck over to OSI. You would also know that the head OSI investigator on the case, Lawrence Scott, resigned after allegations of tampering with another investigation and sexting a witness. The kicker is that his boss, Candace McLaren, emailed me in November stating that this investigation on Principal Hill, was closed and it was under review. Until it is reviewed by DOE Legal, it can’t be published. It’s now January 23, 2014 and as of yesterday….it’s still under review.”What that obviously means is “Hey Portelos…we don’t want the outcome of that investigation helping you in your 3020-a hearing, so we are going to delay…delay….delay…until your case is over. Then and only then will we publish the results.” OK..got it. I am expecting more transparency from the new Faria administration.
  7. Speaking of delay, let’s “not make a Federal Case out of it!” Except I did. You might have read that in September I received over 3,000 pages of emails from DOE higher ups that had the word “Portelos” in it. (Good thing my last name was not “Sincerely”).Now that my other attorney and I are waiting for another round of emails and important items, they too are delayed. They were due last week. Seems like in this modern day David vs Goliath…Goliath is hiding. The interesting part is when this started, I had no rock or sling.
  8. OEO Case of discrimination against non-minority and all female teachers is still open against Principal Hill. Investigator Theresa Wade informed me that they actually needed another 90 day extension. Again, 80% of the evidence was submitted last June. Delay Mam Why yes..don’t mind if I do.
  9. I’m working on a section of this site called Case Tracker, where I mention all cases submitted, the investigator assigned and their status. I need an assistant!
  10. Number of students affected by this Too many to count. “Students Oh yeah…remember them The reason we are here and in this profession.”



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  1. Unbelievable!

  2. Don’t give up , you have helped alot of people , all the best .Pro

  3. I think things are shifting but it requires more than what we are doing. The parents are awake . They are activists. On retire teacher in LA Dr. John Fernandez is teaching parents to become activists, but it appears like teachers are the ones who are dropping the ball. We have a law suit unraveling righ noes that will cost us tenure. We are losing public Edication to the evil empire, Mates.

  4. I love your determination!

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