Admin’s “Not So Confidential” Emails


I know this is bizarre, but what part of this saga isn’t Principal Linda Hill, of Berta Dreyfus IS 49 used a site I owned and was the primary administrator of. I raised concerns, she and others retaliated against me and then directed me to shut down the site. Before she lost access to my site she used it to send and receive in excess of 12,000 emails in 2.5 years. Some are forwards from her professional DOE account and therefore fell into my domain. It’s like a Morgan Stanley employee forwarding inappropriate AOL emails to their account and Morgan Stanley bosses reading and using these emails. They can as per the privacy policy.

I contacted Google Inc., who runs the site, in March 2012 and again last week, June 2013. I asked “Who owns all the data on” The Google tech’s responds “You do Mr. Portelos.” 😉

Now I have been attacked, removed from school for over 400 days and slated for termination. What recourse do I have Play possum I tried that. Now I have been slowly sharing my data with the world. I’m not going to share meaningless watercooler gossip, but rather emails I believe are of public concern:

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DOE Admins Not So Confidential Emails Part 1 Integrity

DOE Admins Not So Confidential Emails Part 2 The Audit

DOE Admins Not So Confidential Emails Part 4 Sick Day OT

DOE Admins Not So Confidential Emails Part 5 Psychic

DOE Admins Not So Confidential Emails Part 6 Union Busting

DOE Admins Not So Confidential Emails Part 7- Terminating Another Teacher


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  4. Finally! The gods have sent us something we can use to explain this sinister bull shitake. I am in LA. Your captors are funding board elections for the maet puppets that belong to mine. I have collected a lot of scary anecdotal, paper trail type and legal documents that are finally taking concrete form that will move beyond all the confusion people are inflicted with by media driven propoganda. Not to mention the complex symbiotic alliance between billionaires, city leaders, school officials, and corrupt union officers. The witch hunt is in full hysteria and teachers are too scared to see what is unfolding for tthe future.
    A few have video taped resignations in other areas of the country, a move that is pretty powerful with each one I have seen explaining why he or she felt compelled to give up jobs they love, healthcare and paid vacation are not worth the loss of academic freedom or the fear factor aligned to testing and administrators allowed to flourish in a hostile workplace.
    I think we have to work in a national network to let the public know what we are now painfully aware of. I want to put your posts on my blog and visa versa when the content addresses the west coast witch hunt.

    • I’m all for that. I’ll check your site and we can even interview like I did with others on DTOE Talk

      • I’d like to be a part of that too, I teach in NY Bushwick a poor and neglected area of Brooklyn, where teachers fear the hallways breeze as the “get you, gotcha” game took a turn for revoking licenses and destroying lives. Please let me know if I can re-post or link to this site, thank you.

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  6. Who are you trying to kid The “owner” of a site in computer parlance is not the same as the “owner” of the site in legal parlance.

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