A DOE Investigator Did What – Part 1 -Threat

We start a new series here at EducatorFightsBack.org and take a deeper look into the multimillion dollar investigation system and the people who work there.

Ladies and Gentlemen…boys and girls…fellow taxpayers…I have seen ugly in the last two years. Unfortunately it’s embedded and rooted in a system that is responsible for educating our youth and puttingChildren First. We need to fix that.

I wish this site didn’t exist, because I wish it didn’t have to. I constantly receive correspondence from fellow educators and they share their own experiences and information. Today I woke up to several buzzes coming from my phone. I ignored them and tried to squeeze in a little more sleep. When I finally turned on my trusty sidekick (Samsung Galaxy S3), I read four different educators had all emailed me and/or texted me the following article from today’s NY Post:

Teacher: Prober said sex would get me offhook

You should probably just quickly jump to that story if you haven’t read it already and then continue here.

OK..you’re back

I do not know the details of the case involving what transpired between teacher Natalya Sokolson Gordon and Investigator Scott, but I do know that former DOE Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Investigator. It’s a small world as Lawrence Scott was the lead investigator investigating Principal Hill on financial misconduct including double-dipping. That case is now 703 days old and still no conclusion (details below on Case 12-533).

I actually called and spoke to Investigator Lawrence Scott on April 9, 2012 and was, for the most part, still anonymous. That is until he asked “Are you the blogger” I then said “Yes.” He also asked me on the phone “Well, how do I know you are not stealing per session money” or something to that effect. Shortly after that conversation my principal’s time cards were collected and two weeks later I was removed from school.

More information is listed here in these posts:

BREAKING NEWS: Case 12-533 of Financial Misconduct is Finally Closed & Under Review


New Investigation on Me Takes the Cake -Im telling students how to sneak weapons into school

This investigation above was unsubstantiated over the summer, but I was never notified. I had to call in and ask. What’s interesting is that when Lawrence Scott came to visit me in my Queens exile, I had no idea who he was, because although we had spoken, I never met him. When I found he wanted to speak to me in private, I started recording. I don’t like doing it, but I do not trust investigators. It’s a good thing I did, because if I didn’t, people may not believe that he threatened me.

Click Here for Audio

Not a “nice guy” What does that mean

It’s a good thing we had “a nice guy” working on these cases. Can’t wait to finally read the outcome of a case that is over 700 days old and investigated by Lawrence Scott.

Betsy Combier also shares a very, very detail account of the story here:

Lawrence Scott III, Agent of the NYC DOE Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Sexually Assaults Teacher Natalya Sokolson-Gordon at Her School, PS. 329 in Coney Island, Brooklyn




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  1. So… do I understand this correctly: this guy was in charge of the corruption investigation that you initiated involving your former principal

    And the results of which have still not been released

  2. Please tell me you DID record this entire interaction…. This guy sounds like a Street Thug!! To top it off he’s a sexual predictor..wtf and I’m charge of investigations that mess with people’ careers!!! I hope where ever he applies for a job at Google’s him name to see the type of character this person has ” on the job” disgusting!!

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