SCI 10 – SCI Tampers with Video Evidence

We continue with theTheSCI Files

Many of you have already been following the SCI Files. When I started this segment I didn’t think I was going to keep going, but like I said in this video (…you keep giving me more material.

Now in SCI 8 I explained how there was something fishy about the real estate files allegedly found on my teacher desktop computer. In SCI 9 I shared that the office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation stated they all of a sudden “found errors and apologize.”, but the files were from an internet search, bot my computer.

There are more allegations of SCI tampering with evidence.

In my postSCI Pt 2- A Tale of Two Videos,I discuss a a video I recorded in school. It was that of an administrator allegedly frisking a female student in the hallway. SCI claimed that the AP was simply fixing the girl’s zipper.

I recorded the video on my phone on April 18, 2012 and was removed a week later. I have been out for over 700 days now.BeforeI sent it to SCI, or anyone, I ran it through a video editing program. I did that so I can hide the young girl’s identity to abide by COPPA and FERPA laws and focus on that part of the hallway. The original was a wider angle. When the laws describe hiding the identity of children, they don’t only mean visual, but all biometric features. This includes voice.

I had the video loop twice. Once in normal speed, with no audio, and a second time with audio, but slowed down, so you can hear a distorted version of the girl saying “Ms. D” in reference to the AP, as she keeled over.

Here’s the problem. The video I sent to SCI isn’t exactly the video they have in their evidence for this case. I acquired a copy of their video and analyzed it. See photo below. See my original video with red audio on top and SCI’s version, after they played around with it, with purple audio on the bottom.

Video I sent to SCI - Comparison

Analysis of Evidence Submitted to and from SCI

First, the girl’s voice is heard twice, instead of once. You do not have to be tootech savvy to see that there is an extra set of sound waves in the bottom purple row.Her voice was not distorted during the normal speed play of SCI’s evidence.

The next thing I found interesting was that I sent the video as an MP4 file. SCI renamed it, but also saved it as a different format. I understand renaming it to Case 2012 3720, but why was it changed to a WMV file MP4 is a universal format and there was no need to change it.

Why is there any tampering with evidence Who do they really work for and how many other pieces of evidence have they tampered with in my case and the thousands of cases they conduct a year The same goes for the DOE’s Office of Special Investigations.

Lastly, SCI concluded this case was UNSUBSTANTIATED and there was nothing inappropriate with what they saw and investigated. The AP doesn’t remember the incident and may have been helping fix a zipper (That’s not concerning. The girl was wearing a sleeveless shirt.). SCI also claims they have a policy of not sharing information about unsubstantiated investigations. Then why share this To show what and prove what

Mr. Marin, is this your doing

Wake up everyone. Wheninvestigative entities are involved in the malfeasance, cover up and corruption they are supposed to uncover, we are in trouble.

[Sneak preview of my next post: the DOE’s Office of Equal Opportunity and how Deputy Director Elsa Hampton disregards evidence of retaliation in violation of Chancellor’s Regulations A-830.]

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  1. I have FOILed investigative reports and memos for my now-former Principal and former AP/now Principal of my old school. Baranello refuses to release unsubstantiated investigations. He quotes these stupid regulations saying they aren’t of a public concern. So OSI investigates my former Principal with embezzlement of Title 3 funding, found charges unsubstantiated;BUT she is removed a month after the investigation is closed Fishy.

  2. An assistant principal dresses like THAT! Does that skirt even meet the student dress code

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