Donors Choose-Day – Help Ms. Soto’s Class get iPads

Before we get to Ms. Soto’s class from PS 13. I want to update you on the past two Donor Choose-Day projects.

Ms. Wilbers At-Risk Teenproject was fully funded! Thank you donors!

Mr. Valia’s 3D Printer Academyhas about $300 to go. Please consider clicking the link, donating and helping the student’s creativity come to fruition!

This week’s Donor’s Choose-Day is one I found on my own from a neighborhood school. Remember to email me with projects you want me to feature on Tuesdays.

From Ms. Soto: “Our school is located in a very diverse neighborhood. The students come from many different backgrounds and yet they all have one thing in common… Teachers who love them very much! How could we not Our kids are funny and have a love for learning!

Among many, our school is currently going through many changes in effort to keep up with the Common Core curriculum. Though they keep a smile on my face, I do know that my students have many disadvantages that hinder their success.With various learning styles it’s often difficult to ensure that every child has mastered the daily lessons and skills.

Having iPads in the room would open up endless possibilities.My students would be able to connect to my SmartBoard and watch my lessons close up. They would be able to use virtual manipulatives to practice math skills and use different reading apps to enhance their comprehension and fluency.In short, iPads would allow my students to view the learning world in a way they’ve never seen before!

By donating to our classroom project you will be helping students, who face endless challenges. You will be helping tactile, visual and auditory learners engage in rigorous and otherwise challenging curriculum!

Most of all, you will be teaching my students that giving back to a community has a great effect on many different people including themselves!”



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