Donors Choose-Day – Help Ms. Price’s Student Projects

Continuing with what appears to be a successful weekly program here at… Donors Choose-Day Every Tuesday. (Except last week due to vacation mode) We have had projects fully funded since Istarted this segment. Thank you generous donors! From Ms. Price: Many of our students have spent their entire lives… Continue reading

Donors Choose-Day Ms. Pollack’s Classroom in Philly

Continuing with our effort to get donors to support teacher’s classroom projects every Tuesday with Donors Choose… Choose to Support Ms. Pollack’s Classroom! “My students live in an urban neighborhood and attend a charter school. At least 75% of the students at my school qualifies for a free or reduced… Continue reading

Donors Choose-Day – Help Ms. Soto’s Class get iPads

Before we get to Ms. Soto’s class from PS 13. I want to update you on the past two Donor Choose-Day projects. Ms. Wilbers At-Risk Teenproject was fully funded! Thank you donors! Mr. Valia’s 3D Printer Academyhas about $300 to go. Please consider clicking the link, donating and helping the… Continue reading

Donors Choose-Day -Help Ms. Wilber’s At-Risk Teens

  Please consider giving just $10 or more to Ms. Wilber for a Donors Choose Gift Card. Support Ms. Wilber’s Classroom High School M560-City As SchoolinNew York, NY|12th grade|Highest Poverty “I teach high school Special Education, English, and a class about zombie movies at an alternative transfer school in New… Continue reading

Donors Choose-Day – Help Mr. Valia Get a 3D Printer

Over the summer I had the idea to start writingDonorsChoose.orgproposals for teachers who were too busy to do it. For those who do not know,DonorsChoose.orgis a great site where generous philanthropists pay for some or a teachers entire class project. Some pay $5 and some $2,000 or more. This is… Continue reading