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Continuing with what appears to be a successful weekly program here at EducatorFightsBack.orgDonors Choose-Day Every Tuesday. (Except last week due to vacation mode)

We have had projects fully funded since Istarted this segment. Thank you generous donors!u2225665_mdsm

From Ms. Price: Many of our students have spent their entire lives in the city. They have never been to a forest, much less camped in one. We hope to give inner-city youth the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and hope to foster appreciation for the natural environment.

My students exhibit maturity and courage, because they must first find our school, apply, and go through interviews to become a student here. Many of my students come to our school because their previous schools were not working out for them socially and/or academically. These young adults have the grit and maturity to recognize this and change their educational path.

Our student population is extremely diverse, representing a wide range of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. We teach teen mothers, students who were bullied at their previous schools, LGBT youth, kids living in group homes, homeless youth, students who wanted to escape violent peer situations at their old schools, and kids who just needed a change in their learning environment.

We do our best to nurture each and every one of them. We give them the skills necessary to forge a clear path to their future through an interesting array of classes, as well as real-world learning at internships.

We will use the round trip bus tickets to travel to and from a campground north of New York City. The campground is called Beaver Pond State Park, and it is near Harriman State Park and Bear Mountain. Students will spend the next three days camping, hiking, and exploring the natural environment of the area. Students will document their experience by keeping a field journal, taking pictures, and learning how to use field guides to describe the different plants and animals they encounter along the way. They will learn how to set up tents, as well as prepare food over a campfire. They will eat all of their meals out in the open, communing with nature.

This project will improve the lives of our students by exposing them to the natural world. Because there is less light pollution, they will be able to see the stars at night. They will see far more biodiversity than in the city. They will gain an understanding of the importance of preserving nature for the ecosystem services it provides, such as clean water and air. We hope to foster a sense of environmental stewardship and awareness by bringing our students to nature. hide

Ms. Price needed help funding Hard-Core Camping Intensive, but donors pulled through and competed theproject. It’s ok though, because you can still give for her other awesome projects!


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