I’m Under a NEW Investigation. Yes, Really.

I wish I was making this up. More lemons….more lemonade.

I was called to the DOE’s Office of Special Investigation (OSI). I was called in as a witness to something. When I returned to my reassignment location, I was handed an envelope by my supervisor. “A man came looking for you.” she said. I opened the envelope excited as in “What now

So while I was at OSI, an OSI investigator came to my office looking for me. You can’t make this stuff up.



Now reading the above letter I was not sure if I was the subject of this new investigation. I have spoken to this investigator a few times on the phone and found him to be extremely professional. Hopefully he is no Lawrence Scott or Dennis Boyles. In any case, I am not worried. This is my 34th investigation. SeeAllegations Against Mr. Portelos

34!!!!!!!!!!!!! Against one person Someone is scared….and it ain’t me!

Some joked about what it could be on Facebook. Possible reasons for investigation included:

  • Walking up the down staircase
  • Using too many paper towelswhen washing my hands
  • Smiling too much.


…do not let this be a distraction. The real investigation in all this is theone that OSI received from SCI against Principal Linda Hill 818 Days Ago. I know they try to distract me and thereaders, but the truth is this:

818 days ago I submitted information, before I had any negative letters or investigations in my file, that Principal Hill might have engaged in double dipping. 818 days. This is on Chancellor Carmen Faria now. The investigation finished in November and I was never questioned about it. Yes, and I put in the allegation on January 26, 2012.

I later added files they combined into OSI Case # 12-533. Principal Hill had called out sick and was still making overtime.

The evidence has been out there for almost two years. They, including the new DOE, refuse to close the case and publish theresults because of what it would mean for my case.

Want evidence

1) See emails and time cards showing calling out sick and getting paid for overtime.DOE Admins Not So Confidential Emails Part 4 Sick Day OT

2) See spreadsheet showing overtime billed and time cards

Per Session Breakdown

Time Cards

Time Report Forms

SLT Remuneration Forms

The good thing is that after I FOILed thetime cards in March of 2012, the alleged double-dipping seems to have stopped.

In other news:

  • I have been working on two new sites, which causes less time to post here. DTOE.org andUFTContract.com
  • The Federalcourt has ordered that SCI, OSI and OEO furnish all their investigative reports and notes from cases I initiated that they closed. This is big and warrants it’s own post soon.
  • I am being deposed tomorrow by the City attorney for thefederal case. Finally!

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