Donors Choose-Day – Help Mr. Valia Get a 3D Printer

Over the summer I had the idea to start writingDonorsChoose.orgproposals for teachers who were too busy to do it. For those who do not know,DonorsChoose.orgis a great site where generous philanthropists pay for some or a teachers entire class project. Some pay $5 and some $2,000 or more. This is a great benefit to the teacher and students. I wrote a proposal years ago and received a digital microscope that I hooked up to my projector. I can still remember the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” all my students made as we placed random objects under the lens.

I didn’t have time to do what I intended, but instead I want to use the growing viewership of this site to share a teacher’s project every Tuesday…hence the name “Donors Choose-day.”

Having said that, lets get started and introduce Mr. Matthew Valia. Mr. Valia used to be a colleague of mine at IS 49. There he helped augment the technology and improve the learning for the entire school community. Among many other projects, he trained students to fix computers and his MOUSE Squad won top award….in the entire country!

In 2011, he left IS 49 and moved to greener pastures. At the new school he developed a program where community citizens can bring their broken computers to be fixed by students for a fraction of the cost. Mr. Valia is an inspiration to me and his students.

He is now embarking on a new venture… a3D Printer Academy. Mr. Valia has given a lot and it’s time for us to give back. Please consider making a quick small tax deductible donation. He needs less than $600 to help make this happen. With over 200,000 visits to my site, I hope to have some visitors reach into their pockets.

Click Here or try clicking below:

UPDATE: This project has been fully funded since this posting went live. Thank you

Help Create A 3-D Printing Academy.

Click Here$579to go

Teachers, send me your projects for next Tuesday.

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