Donors Choose-Day – Help Ms. Soto’s Class get iPads

Before we get to Ms. Soto’s class from PS 13. I want to update you on the past two Donor Choose-Day projects. Ms. Wilbers At-Risk Teenproject was fully funded! Thank you donors! Mr. Valia’s 3D Printer Academyhas about $300 to go. Please consider clicking the link, donating and helping the… Continue reading

Donors Choose-Day -Help Ms. Wilber’s At-Risk Teens

  Please consider giving just $10 or more to Ms. Wilber for a Donors Choose Gift Card. Support Ms. Wilber’s Classroom High School M560-City As SchoolinNew York, NY|12th grade|Highest Poverty “I teach high school Special Education, English, and a class about zombie movies at an alternative transfer school in New… Continue reading

Donors Choose-Day – Help Mr. Valia Get a 3D Printer

Over the summer I had the idea to start writingDonorsChoose.orgproposals for teachers who were too busy to do it. For those who do not know,DonorsChoose.orgis a great site where generous philanthropists pay for some or a teachers entire class project. Some pay $5 and some $2,000 or more. This is… Continue reading