An Open Letter to Chancellor Faria from a Discontinued Teacher


You may have already read about the epidemic, in regards to railroading young and new teachers in order to obliterate tenure protections for teachers. The post is here:Can Bloom-Kleins DOE Attack on Probationary Teachers Be Remedied
Now read an open letter from one of these teachers. It was originally posted in the Queens Time Ledger

An open letter to city Schools Chancellor Carmen Faria:

This letter is in regard to my investigations with the Office of Special Investigations in the city Department of Education and my still pending investigation and charges from a school-based investigation.

I was a teacher for the DOE. Teaching had been my passion since I was a young girl, and I am a proud graduate of Hunter Colleges School of Education. I worked in District 9, at the Academy for Language and Technology in the Bronx.

Principal Arisleyda Urea hired me in August 2012 to teach social studies. I stayed late almost every day crafting rigorous and engaging lessons, working with my colleagues to improve the outcomes for our English language learners and organizing school-wide events in my role as student government faculty adviser.

On June 17, 2013, I received a letter from Cristina Jimenez stating that I had been reassigned from my position. I spent the final eight school days of the academic year sitting in a reassignment center at 1 Fordham Plaza. Neither Urea, any staff member from ALTs Children First Network, any investigator from the Office of Special Investigations, nor any lawyer from DOE told me why I was reassigned. I did not speak with an investigator upon arrival or during my stay there.

On July 15, 2013, I was discontinued from probationary service. Prior to this discontinuance, I had received a job offer from a secondary school outside District 9 in early July 2013. The new principals CFN human resources manager was unable to attach me to the job and informed me that I had been red flagged in the system.

I went to OSI July 25, 2013, and spoke to Henry Gomez as a walk-in when Gomez was doing intake. I wanted to know whether I was under investigation. Gomez was professional and looked up the case to see which OSI investigator was handling my case. Gomez informed me that OSI had no information as to what is going on with my case because it had been downgraded to a local, school-based investigation.

It has been more than seven months since an investigation was first opened on me. I have not received any charges to date. I have neither spoken to Urea, interim acting Principal Jose Viales, Superintendent Carron Staple, any DOE investigator regarding my case, nor Senior Field Counsel Gillian Kost. On Nov. 1, 2013, Urea resigned from her position as principal of the Academy for Language and Technology.

How does this affect my case Is it still open Were my charges found to be unsubstantiated or not

On Nov. 8, 2013, Katherine Rodi sent me an e-mail explaining to me that my termination from the DOE will trigger a review if I have a valid job offer. A copy of Rodis e-mail reads as follows:

Ms. Howrilka,

Mr. Hearn and Mr. Condon are not involved with the clearance process within the DOE.

As I have told you and your representatives before, your termination from the DOE will trigger a review if you have a valid job offer. Until you have a valid job offer, your file will not be reviewed. There is no flag on your record beyond your termination.


Katherine Rodi

Director of Employee Relations


Rodi; Lawrence Becker, the chief executive officer of the Division of Human Resources and Talent; and the Office of Personnel Investigation are unwilling to respond to my questions regarding my school-based investigation, but during an interview with OPI Investigator Laurie Vazquez, she informed me that the reason why I had been unable to accept a job with another DOE school in early July was because of the OSI/school-based investigation which had placed a block on my record and prevented the second principal from hiring me.

This block made it impossible for the principal to enter my credentials through Galaxy and trigger OPI to re-open and re-evaluate my case.

I am requesting a meeting with you and other appropriate school officials regarding my OSI and school-based investigations. What charges had I been accused of that warranted my removal from ALT June 17, 2013, in the middle of proctoring a Regents exam

Since I have neither met with an investigator, an administrator, nor another DOE official regarding my charges in seven months, this removal and subsequent silence are violations of my constitutional right to due process.

Lydia Howrilka

Floral Park



Note: For not laying down and fighting for her career, Lydia Howrilka was also falsely arrested on March 4, 2014 and detained for over 16 hours. It was the same precinct where my wrongful arrest took place on March 10, 2014. ReadDOEs Workplace Bullying Continues My 33 Hours Behind Bars

During a recent Staten Island UFT Chapter Leader meeting, Senior Superintendent Laura Feijoo spoke about there being a case by case basis for this situation. She indicated that some discontinuances are based on classroom observation and some due to misconduct.

Ms. Feijoo, as you can see from the story above and many, many more like this one, the alleged misconduct can be just as made up as much as observations. Please work with HR to remedy. Your superintendents play an important role in discontinuing. Thank you.

Please sign and share a petition asking Chancellor Faria to reevaluate the way discontinued teachers are problem-coded. Click Here.

Save the Careers of Discontinued Teachers

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  1. Mr. Portelos, I am very impressed with your passion for justice & your compassion for others. I sincerely hope you continue your good work until the day we no longer need it!! (Please God.)

  2. Another example of an abusive principal going over the top. Becker sits in his office all day smoking cigarettes. How can you defend yourself if you have no idea what you are being accused of in the first place. A good faith sign that maybe some of the destruction of the Bloomberg era would be to change the name back to the BOE.

  3. Why can’t we have a class action suit

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