Running a Union Meeting Remotely

Earlier this week I discussed holding a meeting in our big town hall style room with our union members. “But Mr. Portelos, you are not allowed in the building for some unknown reason.” SinceSeptemberI was only able to have a handful of people at a nearby establishment, after school, and a curbside,donutscoffee out of the car trunk, style meeting with another fifteen or so.The union delegate was going to and set up a projector, webcam, and speakers so I can video conference in with about 60 of our members using Google Hangout. I was going to have a secondary phone, with Google Hangout for face to face questions.

As I expected, Principal Hill tried to intervene and told the delegate she was not to have that set up. Being that is was DOE equipment I guess she could say that. Did that stop me did it stop us No, just a minor hiccup. I’ve been making lemonade out of all the lemons they have been throwing at me.

This morning, we held a very successful union meeting for about 50 or so members via speakerphone They were in room 105 and I was in my bedroom as I did not want to drive and do this. I went over the agenda, answered most questions and listened. I think it was a great start and I heard a lot of great feedback afterwards. It was a good sign that the turnout was so big. I’m proud of my chapter and I know we will weather the storm. There is a silver lining.

If you haven’t read last weeks post about questioning my duties, read this

Can you hear me now


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  1. Dear Francesco,
    Kudos to you and to all thst you are going through. I think, that by always being a step ahead….there is not much they can do to you. I so, love this post. Poor Linda Hill, she must feel so stupid, that you fit a way to outwit her.

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