Over 4,000 complaints last year alone


I was wondering why I have been investigated for 345 days (first 3 allegations reported Jan 30, 2012) and I was not found guilty of anything yet. I mean besides the fact that I have been innocent, I should have been found not guilty by now for all 20 plus ridiculous allegations. I have several videos I’mpiecingtogether from youtube where the term “Faster and Fairer” is used by UFT President Michael Mulgrew, Mayor Bloomberg, Chancellor Walcott, Joel Klein and AFT President Randi Weingarten. I’m just throwing together a quick little musicalmontage. You know…since I don’t have to grade student work.

Take a look at some of the new countdowns I have added while in my Educational Guantanamo and then read the article by Al Baker from the NY Times. Over 4,000 case of misconduct made last year alone.

RecordNumber of Misconduct Allegations Made Against New York– NY TIMES

I made some of these complaints, but back them up with evidence:

the office fielded many complaints about fraud, test-tampering, theft of money and time, conflicts of interest and other wrongdoing, said the commissioner, Richard J. Condon.

Perhaps if the DOE replaced some of the 300+ attorneys with more retired detectives we can really get rolling here.

These countdowns have also been added to my sites sidebar:

Time is ticking…. the students are suffering the most

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