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It has come to the point where DOE employees do not even respond to my emails. Besides the FOIL attorneys, I have not received an email from any @schools.nyc.gov account in 2 weeks. Nothing from CEC31, FACE, superintendent, HR, Principal Hill etc. Therefore, I will post them here in case my emails are not getting to them due to some special Portelos Spam Filter. The below email is to the HR Director, Andrew Gordon, who states he was responsible for making the decision to remove me from my classroom. The Step 1 Grievance meeting is one we had to bring me from Ozone Park (1 hr + from my house) back to my district in Staten Island. Again Chancellor’s Regulation C-770 states that I should be in my own district and they are violating his regs. Again I’m flattered that they break the rules for me.

“5. Assignments for Suspended Employeeshttp://docs.nycenet.edu/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-82/C-770__9-5-00.pdf

It should be noted that, during the period of suspension, all individuals are expected to
perform duties appropriate to their regular assignments, insofar as possible. The duties
will depend, of course, upon the circumstances surrounding the suspension.
Suspended employees are to be assigned within their own districts or divisions. Requests
for a temporary change of assignment because of extraordinary circumstances must be
directed in writing to the Executive Director of the Division of Human Resources, with
supporting statements for the request. The Executive Director shall confer with the Officeof Legal Services regarding this request. The employee is not to be reassigned from thedistrict or division until written authorization has been granted.”

So may I see the written notice from Petrides I guess I will just FOIL it.

Note: I know I am missing some commas and have a run on sentence, but perhaps my 6th grade middle school teacher was “reassigned” and we never learned these topics. See what effect these reassignment decisions can have on students.

From: “Francesco Portelos”

Date: May 25, 2012

Subject: Allegations @ Petrides Center

To: “Gordon Andrew” ,

Cc: , ,

Good morning Mr. Gordon,
I hope all is well. I was wondering if you can clarify something for me. During my Step 1 Grievance, Gary Laveman stated that he heard from you that during my extremely short stay at the Petrides Center on 4/26/12, 4/27/12and 4/30/12:

  • I was “opposite of cordial”
  • Instead of being in my designated area I “roamed around the building”
  • I was observed to be on “the ball field” during a time I should have been in my room
  • I “could not be controlled” and was “insubordinate”

Being that I received the transfer letter around 1:30pm on 4/30/12 I’m assuming calls and allegations were made and papers were processed a minimum of 2 hours prior. Having said that, I’m going to add together my total time to even possibly behave like this to be [3 hrs on 4/26] + [7 hrs on 4/27] + [4 hrs on 4/30] so 14 hrs. The building has cameras, so it must be easy to furnish actual video of some of this behavior.

I have asked for a disciplinary hearing to face my accusers or see the statements, but I receive no responses.Mr. Gordon, I am not a good poker player, but on this I will be calling abluff.Mr. Laveman told my representative, John Torres, that there are 6-7 investigations on me and my location is the least of my problems. In any case, can you help clarify if this is in deed what you were told transpired during my 14 hr attendance at Petrides If it is, then can you help set up a disciplinary meeting for me

Thank you and have an enjoyable weekend.

-Francesco Portelos
IS 49 UFT Delegate

Let me add that I didn’t even know where the ball field was at Petrides. I had to actually map it as I wrote this post.

Notice the ball field on the far bottom left and my building to the far right.


I also emailed my supervisor at Petrides. She is a very nice woman. She told me she was not involved in this. Then who was I’d hate to think the Superintendent. Why is another good question, but I think the readers of my blog know the answer to that.

In any case going to Ozone Park was a blessing in disguise. I gathered some great intel there and started exposing this whole Rubber Room process. After a month I was finally given busy work after a CNN producer spoke to the DOE and asked about what I’m doing there. They responded that they gave me administrative work, which they had not. The producer, Kiran Khalid, and I cross referenced the timing of her call to the time my supervisor told me “Pack your stuff. Your moving upstairs.” and I was given the trivial task of updating the phone directory in the building by pen, not Excel. But again it could be a strange coincidence. The producer and I laughed when we put 2 and 2 together.

UPDATE 6/15/12: This grievance was denied.


Coming Attraction for next Post:
Some FOIL documentation came in and although incomplete, the information is an eye opener.

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