My run for Union Chapter Leader from the Rubber Room

I feel like I have accomplished a lot since I have been removed from school. Again I was removed due to baseless charges (still haven’t been charged). My ADD personality allows me to juggle several different things at the same time. Granted the more you juggle the more you risk dropping.

Let’s see…since April 26, 2012:

  1. I had an article published in the NY Teacher paper
  2. I brought to light that rubber rooms (the process) still exist
  3. I filed for a US Patent on our website
  4. I refused to bend to pressure from additional harassment from DOE employees
  5. Found hard evidence showing heavy financial misconduct at my school
  6. Registered for additional courses for my Leadership in Education program.
  7. Continued revamping and testing my educational social media site
  8. Made some really good contacts. I mean really, really good contacts.
  9. Made some really bad enemies. I mean really, really bad enemies. (not really an accomplishment)
  10. Filed for Whistle Blower Protection and gave a 2 hr testimony to SCI on my saga
  11. Put in a run for UFT Chapter Leader in my school.

Let me talk about number 11 for a minute. Way back in early March I posted on my blog that the rumor was “They will try to get me out of school before the chapter union elections.” It wound up being true. Not sure how yet, but I put in some more FOIL request to get to the bottom of it. In any case I found that since I am still on the school’s payroll I can still run and become UFT Chapter leader. Wouldn’t that be something Running and winning as chapter leader from the Rubber Room. I think that would be a first.

Of course this will be no easy task as some of the admin and friends are trying to discredit me and work on a plan or worthy opponent. I’m not saying there aren’t any, but it would need to be someone strong who can get their hands dirty to fix a broken chapter.

Let me tell you about a well played hand Principal Hill pulled on Friday. But first some background. In order for some 100+ staff members to leave at the end of each day we have to pass by security and Principal Hill checks us off one by one on a clipboard. This often times forms a long line. Now at 2:22PM we are supposed to be contractually able to walk out. Now picture Ms. Hill having conversations with staff as others wait to be officially checked out and go to their families! Does this seem efficient If you are a teacher reading this, does this happen at your school Wait what…you don’t wait on a line to leave every day This has been happening for over a year at our school.

Last week I sent an email to Principal Hill stating that the staff should be free to leave by 2:22PM. So guess what they conjured up. She sent an email to the staff stating that as per my request the staff will sign themselves out. She also added that despite some teachers walking down their classes early for staggered dismissal, the clipboard will be withheld until 2:22PM and only at that time can staff sign out. Now staff members will be available to sign out but will rather wait in a chaotic office for a clipboard that 100+ people will have to sign. All this starts Monday June 11, 2012, which is just 2 days before elections. Now to give the puppet analogy, the strings will be pulled and I am already given feedback that people are upset. That was the plan of course. I told them to be upset with Principal Hill, not me. There are over 7,000 schools in NYC. How many do you think have a line to leave

There is so much work to be done at Chapter 49. Last week there was some crazy ordeal that apparently was not addressed properly.Hopefully it will be to prevent it from happening again. I am glad to hear more staff members are speaking up. It was like music to my ears. This problem can be fixed.

On Wednesday June 13, 2012 put pen to paper and rock the vote!

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  1. A grievance should be filed! Ever since we are b
    Not required to punch out we are able to leave expediously at our assigned time without being physically hampered ! Also, a record of time should be kept n cumulatively a per session payroll request should be filed each month for the total extra time in the building!

  2. YJosh Gutterman

    Very proud of your ability not to fold under pressure! Did you have the members of the staff file individual grievances for being forced to stay longer than the Contract calls for The remedy should be the cumulative time spent in the building paid per month in per session pay! The Union should file a series of grievances on length of school day, elimination of punching out, unprofessional behavior by the administration and Article Two ; retaliation against the Union!

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