“Stay away from him….he’s a “Blogger”!

I never thought blogging was just a dirty thing. I actually never thought I would be a blogger. I was too busy to sit and collect thoughts for a post. Now with my Android WordPress App and 4G, I can pretty much shoot out a post like this while I wait for these slow elevators.

Since I have started my blog (which stems from web log btw),:

  • I had teachers and the principal try and come down on me “You know the kids are bringing up your site in class andreading your blog.” I responded “They are what…Reading Well that is good that they are reading.”
  • Other reassigned teachers have been told by their supervisors to stay away from me, because I blog everything. I would like to think of it as exercising my Freedom of Speech.
  • a NY Post reporter used pictures and quotes from my blog for her article on the return of the Rubber Room process.
  • CNN producer contacted me as well as other news media to discuss this ongoing saga

Today I walked in to clock in at 8201 Rockaway Blvd and found these posted up with red flags…



No one knows who did it Maybe it’s time to subpoena some camera footage.

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  1. CNN, you are getting noticed, that is a good thing. Again I ask, where is the union in all this Also, where is Walcott, I would think that he might be a little interested this this. by the way, did you get the stuff you were supposed to from the DOE

    • “Where is the union” will be the title of an upcoming post if they don’t start flexing some muscle asap! I have a collection of unanswered emails.

  2. Josh Gutterman

    Absolutely foil it n demand access to videos asap

  3. Josh Gutterman

    Foil it n demand to see videos of it!

  4. Michael LaBarbiera

    When are you gonna be on CNN I wanna watch that.

  5. Ok, lets see how stupid the DOE can be. Knowing that you are, as they say, a blogger and in contact with news organizations, They hang blown -up copies of the newspaper article on DOE property, over the time clock, so that you see it when you come in. Now any person with a half of a brain would assume that:
    1. You will take a picture of it
    2. POST IT
    3. File lawsuit for defamation of character
    4. Prove harassment of DOE OFFICIALS!!!!

    This had to be the best case of stupidity yet from the DOE and use it to your advantage. One has to assume that DOE paper (they certainly have lots of it) was used to print, and copy machine was used to copy All of this being done in a building with DOE officials while on official duty They even took the time to cut a paper flag and color it in!!! May I suggest a subtle email to the Walcott, maybe even Bloomberg I can see the heads rolling now..

    Love it, keep it coming Portelos!!

    • Hey! The DOE is my employer. You can’t talk about them like that. They still put food on the table (for now). In all seriousness, it could have been just one buffoon, but what puzzles me is that I notified the upper floor and the posting remained until the end if the day.

  6. Transparency is what scares those who abuse power. Keep up the good fight.

  7. Looks like theft of services to me, creating and posting on city time.

  8. To Anonymous May 31, 2012 at 1:02 am:


    What “services” were being “stolen” Sitting in a chair Tapping on a desk Twiddling his thumbs

    Your comment is both mean-spirited and inane!

    Francesco is to be applauded for photographing the time clock and its surroundings at 8:27 am and the other setting at whatever time he photographed it.

    Although unknown as to what time Francesco prepared the post, he posted it at 4:55 pm. That can be determined by “mousing over” the date of the post.

    And even if he had posted it during his “official hours,” so what!

    Take a walk around any school and find out the extent of the activities that principals and assistant principals conduct there, while they’re sitting in their offices.

    Francesco is doing everyone a tremendous favor by exposing this disgraceful situation!

  9. This is just as bad had they taped a swastika or a noose. FOIL the tapes and make it front page news.

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