Angela, Who Is Greg Bowen And Why Is He So Concerned With Printer Ink Levels


My Dearest Angela,

Thank you for being the rock that holds our new family together. You do an incredible job of raising our two amazing boys . These last two years have not been easy caring for our boys and all the other baggage that comes with life.

The last 18 months have been exceptionally difficult due to my ongoing battle with the employees within the NYC Department of Education. Not only had we been learning the ropes as new parents, but as the attacks came stronger we found our family was growing. Although I have been putting up, what some call, a Herculean push back, it doesn’t come without a price. I know I haven’t been present mentally or physically these last 18 months. They are digging with shovels and I am digging with a spoon. The difference is I don’t stop digging when they usually stop around 5PM. In addition they have found nothing and I have found a lot. Even when I finally get home, from my unnecessary and long commute to Queens, I am mentally not with you and the boys. I know I am losing out, but there are many people out there trying to destroy our family as they have done to countless others. They are mostly faceless enemies hiding behind phones and emails, sending directives here and there without regard to the effects of their bad decisions. I won’t allow them to do that to us. I made that decision on February 28, 2012 when investigators came to my class and our home to confiscate computers. I went on the offensive and as many have seen on this site, I haven’t stopped. When many other innocent and targeted educators contact me I feel obligated to help them protect themselves, their families and their careers as well. That too takes time. (So does blogging, tweeting and researching).

As the many arduous months progressed and I kept pushing and digging, I have been putting faces and names to those involved. I remember posting on Facebook once something like “One by one…” They will not get away with what they have done, the lies they have said and the fraud and educational neglect they have committed. Nothing physical of course, but there is the law and I still believe that there is justice somewhere in this very corrupt world. As my good friend, NYCDOEnuts wrote on his blog “Portelos is at the gate“.

As you obviously know, and have felt the effects of, my reassignment out of IS 49 was only briefly to the Petrides Complex, located just minutes from our home. That assignment was cut short and without explanation I was moved 20+ miles, several districts and two boroughs away. It’s been fourteen months that the decision was made and I wanted to share with you some of those involved. Faces and names have been brought to my attention. The people below have had a negative effect on our family and have shortened the time a father spends with his boys and a husband with his wife. The list however is much longer and goes all the way to the Chancellor.

Staten Island Superintendent Erminia Claudio

Staten Island Superintendent Erminia Claudio

I made the mistake of asking Superintendent Erminia Claudio for help and informed her of Principal Hill’s misconduct. In turn she helped build a case against us and asked for my reassignment three times. Did you know she left her school a “C” before she was selected Superintendent of Disctrict 31 Did you know her boyfriend, Edward Seto, hired Principal Hill She will be added as a defendant in our lawsuit.

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon

This man above has finally left the NYC DOE, but not before he spent many years putting his name at the bottom of countless reassignment letters to countless exiled educators. He made many wrong decisions about my case and I have filed official complaints and deposed him. Bryan Glass, my attorney, will be bringing him back as he has a lot of explaining to do. His sworn deposition already contradicted the testimony of two of his inferiors; Edward Schlenoff and Michele Nacht (mentioned in documents below). “What a tangled web we weave…”

This next guy is new to my list, but I had my suspicions about him since his behavior at Petrides was so bizarre. During my short stay at Petrides there was this bald guy in a suit constantly walking around. I didn’t know who he was, but he often visited my 3rd floor room for what I believed were made up reasons. Seriously….why would a man in a suit, carrying a walkie-talkie be checking the printer ink levels next to my desk so often I didn’t know his name, but then ran into him at PEP meetings months later. I later found out his name is Greg Bowen and he is the Deputy Network Leader of CFN 604 working under Richard Gallo. Read below how this man was very involved. He probably got a bonus for what he pulled off.

Deputy Network Leader Greg Bowen, Staten Island

Deputy Network Leader Greg Bowen, Staten Island

I sent many emails to many people to find out why I was moved so far away. My accusers They, like cowards, hid and didn’t respond. Larry Becker, current DOE Chief Executive Director included.

See Posts from last year:

I call a bluff.Im all in [pushing chips forward]

20 Miles from my Family and Students

I wound up emailing the following message to Mr. Greg Bowen, but like I said, no response.


Greetings Mr. Bowen,

I don’t know if you remember me. I was reassigned from Berta Dreyfus IS 49 to the 3rd Floor of Building A last April. I was under the supervision of Kristine Broschart for only two or so days before I was reassigned again to Ozone Park. According to the former HR director, the reason I was reassigned was because of my poor behavior. Allegedly I was walking around the campus, was rude and even went to the ballfield instead of being at my desk. I remember you coming in to check ink levels at the larger copier situated next to my desk. I remember seeing you as I walked into the building and on the 3rd floor a few times. More recently I have seen you at the the PEP meetings.

Do you remember me Do you have any recollection of me acting inappropriately in any way Does any of this ring a bell

Thank you ahead of time for any response.


I sent two more emails and again…nothing. A telephone tough guy was what he was. Well not really, because I called him the day before yesterday’s reassignment arbitration. I didn’t know his name was going to come up, but he finally answered and said he had “no recollection” of any behavior on my part. Really

However, take a look at this piece of evidence DOE Attorney Kerri Crossan submitted into evidence that again contradicts Andrew Gordon’s sworn testimony:





Now we see more evidence as to why DOE records officer Joseph Baranello has been denying me access to the FOILed emails I have been asking for. Either that or another reason Marisol Vazquez and Robin Greenfield have given him. See email to Principal Hill below. Marisol Vazquez is Principal Hill’s attorney. You see the conflict of interest


From: Baranello Joseph
Sent: Wed 2/8/2012 5:00 PM
To: Hill Linda (31r049)
Cc: VazquezMarisol
Subject: FW:

Hello Principal Hill –

I am an attorney with the DOE’s Office of the General Counsel and handle, among other things, requests for records made under the Freedom of Information Law. I am also a colleague ofMarisolVazquez and work with her frequently on related matters.


Does this mean that when I FOIL anything about my case and against Linda Hill, her attorney (his colleague) tells him….delay, delay, delay



I have not really proofread this post and kinda just threw it together. See you soon.




Angela and Me


PS: I can’t wait for the summer to relax and unwind with you and the boys.


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  1. I hope you and your lovely family will find justice and piece this summer. You have a lot of people rooting for you.

  2. The hardest part of all this….is the people you love…and have an obligation to…get punished also, because you have to devote your time to this nonsense—> defending yourself is a daily battle that consumes your life and takes away from what is most important. I am totally behind you and you know…if you ever need anything, you know we (there are alot of us out here) fully supporting you. ENJOY THIS SUMMER WITH YOUR WONDERFUL FAMILY.

  3. For your information Greg Bowen is a former physical education teacher from Lafayette High School. He served as A.P. Security at Lafayette until its closure in 2010.
    He became a darling of the security folks at tweed most notably Harmon Unger who I suspect took him along and has something to do with his assignment to Petrides. His claim to fame was that as a dean of students he was very successful at manipulation facts to incriminate and have students removed from Lafayette during its high crime waves of the mid to late 2000’s. Also he was caught having a love tryst with one of the guidance counselors at the school a Ms Robin. All in all a slimy punk who would sell his own mother to make his way up the ladder of DOE success, if that is not an oxymoron.

    • Yeah that doesn’t surprise me. Harmin Unger you say Same guy from OSYD who is involved in the Achieve Now Academy program where my principal is getting her overtime without clocking in and being supervised HMM….I called Harmon Unger and questioned why they would increase the budget for a program that was under investigation in my school. No comment. By the time I’m done, I will smoke every weasel out.

    • I FOILed his records. Game on!

  4. Unger will never reply he is also part of the Rose DePinto mob(sister of mayoral candidate Sal Albanese) they have been running things quite a while in Staten Island and Brooklyn high schools the old BASIS superintendency. Bowen lives on Staten Island and was married with kids, he is a real opportunist and would have no qualms in fabricating or making up charges to further his career. They are all double dipping so the news is a tired old story, I hope you are successful in your valiant fight to keep your teaching career all the best.
    The Don

  5. You have a lovely family and you have a large fan based audience (teachers) rooting for your vindication.

    I must mention one Bible character because he reminds of me what it means to endure and persevere. The book of Job (not produced as job) where this servant was falsely accused, suffered losses, and his 3 comforters did not have faith in Job. In the end, Job was rewarded with double and triple of what he lost. I always tell people you have to be like Job and hold on because in the end, faith, patience, and hope will recompense those who possess those spiritual qualities.

    Please note I am not advocating for religion because I respect everyone religious belief and their preferred denomination. I believe that there are characters in the Bible that tell their plight in life, similar to many of us, who have managed to deal with the trials and tribulations of life.

    Take good care of yourself. I admire immensely your strength and conviction.

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