Back to “Work”- 500 Days Out of the Classroom


Welcome back to school fellow educators, students and parents. I envy you educators, if you can believe that. As you sat meetings discussing the new exciting and totally objective evaluation system and flawless Common Core standards implementation, I just…sat. See picture above. Don’t be jealous as I would pay to be able to get back in the classroom on Monday and sculpt young minds again. This Monday will actually be exactly 502 calendar days that I have been out of the classroom. Remember I allegedly hacked my own website and sold houses, so it makes perfectly good sense that I collect my full paycheck to not teach.

My opponents say, and I quote DOE attorney Kerri Crawson, “He is dangerous to the students. He is dangerous to the staff and he is dangerous to the school community.” I agree, I am dangerous. I just disagree as to who I’m dangerous to. I guess that is why I was elected UFT Chapter Leader by the staffafter I was removed. I guess that is why the graduating class valedictorian and friends invited me as a guest to their graduation over a year after I was exiled and I guess I am so dangerous that community parents continue to email me with words of support and sign my petition. Ahhh…the end of Bloomberg’s DOE is around the corner.

Anyway I wanted to touch base on some things so we can get this exciting year going right. I plan to uncover more corruption and name more names as I connect more dots. You see, this summer I was laying down under a maple tree by a mountain spring in Ikaria, Greece and thought “It’s not whether I win or lose, it’s how many corrupt people can I take down” and “How many other educators and parents can I inspire to stand up and do the same” Based on the many emails I have been getting, the latter question seems like it will produce favorable results. Keep fighting.

This past summer the plan was – Cash in all my American Airlines sky-miles and send my wife and two boys to Greece to stay with family. I cashed in 300,000 sky-miles I saved up and bought them tickets to unwind. Me I was supposed to stay and finish out my Leadership in Education School Administrator program and do a Summer internship as an assistant principal. It turns out that since I have been blacklisted, had my name dragged through the dirt and tagged as “a problem” no one wanted me. 🙁 I decided to book a trip myself and join the family since this battle has wedged us apart. I have missed the best part of their young lives because of corrupt employees of the DOE and I needed to attempt to fix that.

We went to Greece and spent a lot of time together. For the first time in about 20 months I did not wake up or go to sleep thinking about these corrupt DOE employees. It was a welcomed feeling. I didn’t know how long it would last so I kept playing with family, going to the beach, eating fresh seafood and vegetables while fully charging my batteries for the great fight ahead. Don’t get me wrong, as the thoughts would still pop up, just less frequently.

Here we are now….September 2013. Even though I lost my arbitration about my wrongful move to Queens, someone somewhere decided to move me closer and I will be in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

What’s ahead

My termination hearing starts Thursday September 12th at 10am at 49-51 Chambers Street, 6th floor. I requested that it be made public and all are invited. Come see this saga unfold live. If not, follow here Termination Hearing Journal

District 31 Superintendent Erminia Claudio suddenly retired. . You may remember her as the one I went to for help and then she helped get rid of me. Turns out her NJ superintendent boyfriend, Ed Seto, who hired my principal, is also being sued and in hot water.
Petition against Seto

And another lawsuit:

My defamation case against Richard Candia and Susanne Abramowitz was suddenly dismissed based on procedural issues, not merit. I’ll look into taking care of that soon.

I’m still chapter leader and arbitration award is ignored by Principal Hill. NYSUT is taking the DOE to Supreme Court over the matter next month.

I’m under more investigations. My father in law was interrogated by SCI while I was away. More on that later during my upcoming segment called “SCI Week”.

NY State Ed won’t furnish the evaluation proposals FOILed. I appealed to Commissioner King.

More coming soon. Subscribe to site to get updates.

Have a good school year.

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  1. I think that DOE lawyer Crawson is dangerous , what a true disgrace this system is , hope you got the “crucified T shirt and DVD , you are in our prayers , give us a call if you can . God bless . B. Pro

  2. I wish you the best Francesco. What you do is inspiring for the rest of us.

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