Back to “Work”- 500 Days Out of the Classroom

Welcome back to school fellow educators, students and parents. I envy you educators, if you can believe that. As you sat meetings discussing the new exciting and totally objective evaluation system and flawless Common Core standards implementation, I just…sat. See picture above. Don’t be jealous as I would pay to… Continue reading

Angela, Who Is Greg Bowen And Why Is He So Concerned With Printer Ink Levels

  My Dearest Angela, Thank you for being the rock that holds our new family together. You do an incredible job of raising our two amazing boys . These last two years have not been easy caring for our boys and all the other baggage that comes with life. The… Continue reading

Principal’s Failing School and Stellar Ratings – The Inverse Graph of Accountability

The other day I was interviewed for two hours for a documentary pertaining to “School Closures”. The backdrop was the school I was exiled from for over 420 days, Berta Dreyfus IS 49. “But Mr. Portelos, your school is not on the school closure list.” Right, but don’t tell me… Continue reading