BREAKING NEWS: Case 12-533 of Financial Misconduct is Finally Closed & Under Review


On the 649th day since I first reported alleged financial misconduct at IS 49, I have just been informed that the case is now closed and under review.

See below response from Director of OSI. This is in response to asking who replaced the investigator that had the case:

From: “McLaren Candace”
Date: Nov 5, 2013 6:00 PM
Subject: RE: Departure of Lawrence Scott
To: “Francesco Portelos” , “Dalton Christopher”

The investigation has been completed, and was, therefore, not reassigned. The report is currently under review.

Candace R. McLaren, Esq., Director
NYC Department of Education
Office of Special Investigations
(718) 935-3800

If you are unfamiliar with the case on double dipping, read:

Warrengate -The Whitewashing of Case 12-533

Let’s see what the outcome is. Eagerly awaiting some closure.

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  1. SWWWWISHHHHH! Fingers crossed!

  2. Jane Martin-Lavaud

    I would like to see what percentage of the education budget goes to their legal department, both battling allegations against their administrators and attacking teachers, not to mention conflicts with parents, “accidents,” “incidents,” and whatever else there might be.

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