More History

May 2007 – I came to Berta Dreyfus IS 49 as a substitute after leaving the environmental field engineering and inspection field. Immediately I started using technology to engage the students in learning science. I hauled from room to room a projector screen I brought from home, my own laptop and projector to show videos and highly visual presentations.

Summer 2007- I received an email stating I was to take over a class called Scantek. It was a lab with 13 old computers, outdated and incomplete sets of materials all hidden behind 13 cubicles. Each class had about 28 students.

Summer 2008- I brought in a circular saw, sledge hammer, rounded up more unused computers from classrooms and performed the first major overhaul of what became known as theS.T.E.M. Lab in room 229.

2008-2009 – Worked on creating more engaging material for the students and introduced more engineering and college level technology programs. I also purchased and created the Google Apps sitewww.dreyfus49.comfor the school as a pet project. It took off an became the central point of communication for all 1100+ staff and students since October 2008.

2009-2011- Continued leaving my mark both in and out of the classroom. Helping my colleagues, administrators and students whenever I could. I even had parents bring in their broken printers, laptops and desktops to fix knowing that if I fix it, the students will be better off.

April 1, 2011 – After being bashed in the newspapers a staff meeting was held. At that meeting the principal stated that most incidents happen in the classroom and we as teachers are not engaging enough. As I saw eyes roll across the room, I raise my hand and state that “It is harder to engage them when they know they can do what they want.” I go on to give an example of how a student who said he had a gun 3 times, ran from security, punched out a window and the next day is rollerblading on a school trip with a bandage.

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