Disciplinary Letters

Below are the first 3 disciplinary letters that I received, in just 10 days, after having received none in my first 5 years. Must be a coincidence that I raised concerns about school issues just before.

File Letter 1 with the help of the false accusations by Susanne Abramowitz (SLT Chairperson) and Rich Candia (UFT Chapter Leader)
File Letter 1a File Letter 1b File Letter 1c


Rebuttal for misconduct

Listen to clip below. Short excerpt from the 17 minute recorded meeting described above.

I ask to meet with Rich and Susanne nice and calmly. Who sounds enraged Who sounds like they are cursing

File Letter 2– Emailing the Union Members about Union business. My Account was suspended after Rich Candia (UFT Chapter Leader)forwarded Ms. Hill the email.

File Letter 2 - Emailing Union about Union issues


File Letter 3– Staying too late (27 minutes)

File Letter 3


Rebuttal for STAYLING LATE


  1. This is common practice and happens in many schools. PS 329 in Brooklyn has the same type of principal. In fact the principal has been heard saying and I quote “We have ways of dealing with teachers we don’t like”. Teachers with excellent ratings for 10+ years all of a sudden start getting letters on a daily basis for nonsense. They are yelled and embarrassed in front of faculty and students. Some are threatened with their jobs to write false statements against targeted teachers. Students have been coerced into writing statements. Principals are given too much power. They become the judge, jury and executioner. If the principal doesnt like you can pretty much consider your career over. These are peoples lives they are messing with Something has to be done. A Class Action Law Suit Possibly

    • It’s the very thing that happened to me just in May 2021. I wish I’d seen your comment sooner. My principal said that I’d be better off looking for another school. I didn’t respond but asked what brought that up. Principal kept quiet for a long moment and told me some stories.
      Next day I’m served with a letter. Last week I learned that superintendent has my documents on his desk.

      I should have just said that I’ll leave

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  3. Of all the ridiculous reasons to send you a disciplinary letter…..staying late so that you can be the best teacher you can be. Your whole situation makes me appreciate the school, principal and colleagues that I have even more. I think you were set up for that one. Yikes. So sorry you have been a part of such an unprofessional environment.

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  5. As a fellow teacher I feel your frustration and hurt. Two letters on the same day for different issues should have been enough of a red flag to those above your principal that something wasn’t right…that is assuming that the upper administration wasn’t also involved as sadly often they are. But I’d be curious to hear how they rationalized it being okay to discipline you over an email sent on January 29 through an account which it appears you were suspended from accessing on January 27. How would you have known about the staff emailed directive that I’m guessing was sent through that same domain Quite frankly in my 10 years of teaching I’d never had an administrator be so particular about staff leave time (as long as teachers were out before the custodians had to close the building no one cared who was there after hours.) The fact that she felt the need to be sure that the building was cleared out when she was still there after that stated time makes me question what type of activity took place in the evening hours that needed such security measures. Good luck to you-I too am still fighting my district and know how difficult of a road it is…

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  10. All I can say is that the same thing happened to me. I feel your pain & frustration. I wish there was something we could do to make others realize it can happen to them if we all do nothing.

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  12. Francesco, thank you for sharing. My story continues to unfold and you’ve given me strength. I cannot express my gratitude for your guidance!

    • Anytime. Feel free to email me as well. I have gained inspiration and strength from others and just paying it forward.

      • I am going through that myself. I am a music teacher . Have been working in the NYC system for over 25 years. The new acting interim has written a letter after a students performance she asked me to put together in 2 weeks prior to the winter break. I did the impossible. She call me and said it was ackward, the students did not know what to do etc. Our population is growing to be ICT, serious behavior concerns, tons of ELL’s and special ed. All staff, audience and parents very pleased and enjoyed the performance. She on the other hand did not mention at all the positives of the performance. Never in my years of teaching (visited and observed and commended by others including arts supervisors for the NYC ED system have I experience such treatment. I am constantly attending PD for my expertise when mandated by the Arts Supervisors as well as my own free time. Now after another recent performance which she forgot to deliver the program and refreshments she had promised I am written and called to the office to discuss the preparation of the same. For this afterschool activity performance I have made sure to address all points she had asked me to improve. But she did not show upp to the performance parents were a bit disapointed but rather use to. In general the entire audience once again satisfied. She also, requested me to bring union representative for possible disciplinary actions. May colleagues are distressed about it.

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  14. Do you still actively use this blog I have a situation with my principal that I would like some feedback on.

    Thank you!
    Lynette Schultz

  15. So sad that teachers are treated so badly, when we are doing such a tremendous and important job. I had a student with major issues meltdown in line BEFORE school started,and the principal said to me, ” What did you say to set him off” (seriously, this student could light a match, add his own propane, and go nuclear without assistance from anyone) In fact, I was one of the very few people in this child’s life that treated him with kindness. I had a VERY difficult class and this was one of several students with serious emotional, academic, and discipline issues.
    Teachers need to stand shoulder to shoulder against people who have no idea of the hard work we do day after day to give the best educational experience for our kids. Good luck in getting justice in your situation.

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  17. I am going through something similar I have received a letter every week for over a month. I am a paraprofessional, on PD day my principal didn’t have anything assigned for us so I took it upon myself to help out another colleague and I did something around my classroom to prepare for the students the next day. The principal calls me after the day was over and questions me. The next day I had a disciplinary letter in my box. During the meeting I laughed because I couldn’t believe I was being written up for doing things in my classroom when she had nothing planned for us. She told me to get out of her office and wrote me up for leaving her office and for inappropriate behavior for laughing. Can you be written up for laughing I filed a grievance. I have also been belittled, disrespected, and given threaten looks by the principal. I spoke to her about these issues and she had stopped but now she is starting with the threatening looks again. None of the paraprofessional were at the meetings on that day but she singled me out. She than accused me of coming n late and not clocking, she rolled back the cameras and printed out a picture that wasn’t me. Are they allowed to roll back cameras and print out pictures I received two letters last week and I’m going to file bullying/ harassment charges against her. She is very unprofessional during disciplinary meetings she’s cursing, answering personal phone calls and eating. During pd’s she cursing. I’ve done everything in the the building, stayed late, mentored teachers, planned school wide trips, assisted staff with any work they needed done. She tells me I’m great at my job, if that’s the case why are you harassing me. All of this came about when I became pregnant. It’s like she was upset that I had a life outside the job. Also she doesn’t like it when you know your contract or if you are intelligent. You have to dumb down around her so she won’t be intimidated. She has a big ego and she wants me to know she’s the boss. She wants people to bow down and idol her and I refuse to do that I don’t go to work to kiss her behind or play her game, I ho to work to educate the students who we don’t have books for. A lot of what I hear is exactly what going through. Can I get advice on how to handle this laughing situation

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  19. I am a teacher of 20 years, masters of education. I have struggled the last 4 years in education. My first 15 were a dream. I was on committees, teacher of the year, on the news, feeling like a great educator.
    Unfortunately, our superintendant quit. We had a few after but the district was not running smoothly. A new director of Elementary Education was hired and she was unfortunately, a teacher who i had won teacher of the year over, and was resentful. I am afraid this is where my problems began. Coaches treated me horribly, principals were condescending, I have felt unsure of anything I am doing for the past 4 years. I seem to offend everyone.
    We had a new super about 2 years ago. I was hopeful. She came right up to me as she as assistant years before. I thought things would change. I am afraid she was told names of those of us who are boat rockers in the district, and since then i have been dubbed a problem team maker, and all the other afore mentioned leaders have been abusive.
    The final straw was recent. A para pro who was close to our coach, who has always treated me poorly, came into my classroom and took charge, told my principal some things about me. I asked her to come to me instead. She was telling her other paras about it in the hallway and one said, “we appreciate you, what happened?” I said, “She is upset with me.” in a very calm voice, I walked over and said, “I just wish you would come talk to me.” I have since received a reprimand stating I berated her and violated ethic, ‘to treat educators as equals’. M
    My union rep says my acting upset isn’t helping my case, and that it is not a big deal, reprimands aren’t a big deal. But according to 4 teachers, 2 from my school and 2 from our district, this is the beginning of me being fired.
    I cannot begin to explain my devastation. I don’t sleep. My past twenty years was spent enjoying an identity I was proud of, and that is gone. I feel I have nobody to turn to. My other teacher friends suffer PTSD and I feel that is me also as my body is locked up and I am having night mares.
    I have never had a complaint from a parent or student and have an amazing reputation with both.
    This should not be happening to us, it is devastating and dehumanizing.

  20. Regarding Rating Officer designated as an “Interim Acting Principal.”

    a. What license is this?
    b. What authority does this person have?
    c. Can he rate and Discontinue Teachers?
    d. With a hostile write up…..do you have the right to union Representation?

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  22. This practice has become the way to maintain underserving students with blame in teachers. It becomes necessary to use the internal resources for making complaints to demonstrate that they do not serve a purpose and simultaneously file an EEOC. The 3020-a termination hearings become the final scam against teachers that include the disciplinary letters and the type of information and way it is written. One must file an EEOC and after 90 days seek a letter to sue in federal court. One can file with or without a lawyer. Money does not have to be the reason not to file and protect yourself investment such as your career. The federal court has a much more comprehensive procedure for document discovery and deposition process prior to a trial. The DOE will intentionally with hold documentation in a 3020-a hearing but in federal the DOE will attempt but one can make a complaint and the judge can order the DOE to produce documents, particularly emails and texts in DOE email, internal school email and texts on their blackberries. When the federal reveals sets of wrong doers other than the ones initially charged, file an additional EEOC and letter to sue. It’s the only way to expose the harassment and operational protocol that the DOE practices on whistleblowers about a corrupt system lining the pockets of school administrators and incentives to move up the administrative ladder to deputy and superintendent level to maintain a rich versus the poor concept.

    • How do you know some of the thing you stated here?
      I know of someone who toyed with the idea of going to court. But then, we read on solidarity uft website that it’s no win with the Doe (since they have 200 lawyers). Could you share?

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