Edu Snowden: What was in the Envelope about OSI


Two weeks ago I posted this:BREAKING: Edu Snowden @NYCSchools Secret Informant

Then I got sidetracked with proposed UFT contract and my arbitration winDOE vs Portelos Termination Verdict Is In 826 Days After They Took Aim to Fire.

It turns out though that I was not the only one to have received inside information. See below:

This explains why OSI has yet to close thecase on Principal Linda Hill for alleged double dipping and calling out sick while making overtime.BREAKING NEWS: Case 12-533 of Financial Misconduct is Finally Closed & Under Review

One of my favorite parts was this:

WehavebeentoldbyMclarenthatwhenwesendemailsabout FranciscoPortelosandBetsyCombierweshouldcallthemby theirinitials“FP”and”BC”sothatwhentheyFOILtheemails theywon’tgetthem.

See what was in the envelope by clicking this link here:

Secret Emails About Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Being in Chaos

Pay attention to dates of their emails and dates of their cases lost (first two digits are year case was opened ie. 10-34xx is 2010). Some span 4 years!! This information was sent to SCI, OSI, NYC Councilman Danny Dromm, Mark Peters of DOI and of course the Chancellor’s office.

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  1. Something tells me RC watched a little to much I Spy as a kid.Next thing you’ll know is OSI and SCI will have secret decoder rings.I wonder how much of the Department of Education is spent at the Spy Shop.

  2. Should be DC, as in Dick Condom.That POS ought to be held up to some degree of public ridicule,no

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