WWKLD – What Would Karen Lewis Do

Continuing with the alternate universe segment of “What Would — Do” here is one Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis.

What if I was in Chicago and going through this saga What if I came across the same exact situation here in NYC, but Michael Mulgrew wasn’t president of the UFT and instead Karen Lewis was Would I still be in exile 330 days without having any charges against me


Read up on Karen Lewis here


See her great speech at NYCORE conference last week. Comment below and tell me how you things would have been different.

Karen Lewis at NYCOREVideo– MORECaucusNYC.org

This is must watch video! You will hear an alternative vision for how to organize and mobilize an educators union in defense of our public schools. MORE shares this vision with President Lewis and the CORE caucus of Chicago Teachers Union.

Would she do more than Mike

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