UFT to DOE “Return Mr. Portelos to classroom already”

How many DOE attorneys does it take to do the right thing Answer: Just one. Her name is Courtenaye Jackson-Chase and she is the top lawyer who replaced Michael Best last year.

If she has her hands bound, then that means the decision to keep me in exile comes from City Hall. That would be interesting being that I thought Mayor MIchael Bloomberg hates corruption and all I’ve done is uncover it. See unanswered email to him from last year:

From: “Francesco Portelos” <fportelos@gmail.com>
Date: May 30, 2012 10:10 AM
Subject: Resolution and damage control
To: “DMWalcott@schools.nyc.gov” <DMWalcott@schools.nyc.gov>, <mbloomberg@cityhall.nyc.gov>, <panel@schools.nyc.gov> Cc:

Mr. Chancellor and Mr. Mayor,
Is there any way I can meet with you, or your deputies, to discuss a resolution to this growing retaliation and reassignment issue My intentions were not to make anyone look bad, including the DOE, Mayor Bloomberg and UFT. This really started off as an innocent question about school goals and budget at an SLT meeting. It has since spiraled out of control to public blogging, investigations, PERB complaints, lawsuits and news media requesting interviews (CNN, Huffingtonpost, Daily News etc).

Yesterday I received part of my FOIL request and it is clear that Principal Linda Hill has been involved in major financial misconduct at Berta Dreyfus IS 49. She hand writes her own times and signs off. She clocked in for one grant while sitting and getting paid at another. She uses her P-Card for personal items, clocks in while at a restaurant etc.

I left the environmental inspection field, with my engineering degree from Polytechnic University, to educate inner city youth 5 years ago. I voluntarily took a $ 20,000+ cut in salary to educate, not to sit in a rubber room with no charges. Why am I being scrutinized and harassed

Surely there must be some way we can resolve this. What I want is to return to my school, finish my administrators license and continue serving the students and community of this great city. Is this feasible

Please take a look at the testimonials and comments on the sites below. I’m very resourceful and resilient. Please guide me. Thank you.


– Francesco Portelos


See letter sent by UFT to DOE today.

Let’s see what happens…

I thank the many members of the staff that eagerly text me about my return.

Never too late to sign petition.

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