NYC DOE Makes a Move to Terminate Me

DTOM Flag in front of Tweed

DTOM Flag in front of Tweed

After 473 days of trying to destroy my young career, the DOE finally made the move to start a hearing to terminate me. I will be giving the play by play on the top menu of this site.

Click Here for 38 Charges


Let the education neglect and corruption continue… Stay tuned.

Come after my family I don’t think so!


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  1. They just repeat the same garbage over and over and it is so clearly garbage. I’ll give you one better, when it came to my hearing, the previous Principal upon information and belief was booted. The NEW Principal who I never met before was on the phone for the hearing and she stated: “We stand by the record” No one found this unusual. It was perfectly okay for someone with no connection at all to the case to decide whether or not I should be terminated…you cannot reason or rationalize insanity – keep sticking to the facts…

  2. I noticed that...

    Don’t let them win! You exposed corruption and now they want to terminate you because of their corruption.

    It is so clear the message that the DoE is sending to the public that those who steal, but are principals, will be protected and the whistleblower will be terminated.

    You start to wonder if NYC is no better than those countries that imprison people for not supporting a corrupt, autocratic government in place.

    • Francesco Portelos

      It’s completely disgusting. The corruption is probably a lot more than I can imagine. I will continue to fight. They will not win.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this Mr. P. It is absolutely disgusting. What is happening with the lawsuit

  4. Mr. Portelos, is there anything your past students can do

  5. It’s scary to see how asking questions can lead to the DOE trying to derail a career… I wish you the best of luck !

  6. What I do not understand in regard to this whole deal, is the staff’s position. You refer to at least some of them as “your many supporters”. How do they stand by and watch one of their colleagues be treated with such injustice If what you contend to be true, is indeed true, then these so called supporters aren’t worth your time in representing them as a Union. This apparent lack of both backbone and a sense of morality by the staff, is a poor lesson for students and their parents.

  7. So what is happening now!!!

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