The “Lost Cloning Video” Found

I created the below video when I usually created my student tutorials…after school. I wonder how I had time to create all these videos, when I was so busy running a “Real Estate” business after school. I was removed from school with no notice, so I lost A LOT of great student work and videos we created. I hope those files have been saved and protected for when I return. I always tried to model a cool piece of technology so I can motivate the students before I teach it. This was one of them. I thought I lost it and was looking for this exact one for over a year. I happened to stumble across it while looking for something i uploaded on Facebook a while ago. I downloaded it from Facebook and just recently uploaded it to Youtube.

This was the kind of stuff I used to do and had fun doing it. Fun teaching and that’s why I didn’t mind staying after school late.

Now, I haven’t seen that lab in over 579 days and I am slated for termination for staying 27 minutes “too late”. Funny how things work out. Sad actually.


Enjoy the video.


To learn how I did that and other cool effects on Parents, students and teachers from other schools tell me they still go on and learn to this day. Love technology.

By the way, that lab you see above has been dissolved. STEM is not important these days away.

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  1. Your students will never forget you! They will be inspired and never let anyone walk all over them!

  2. You think teachers Candia and Abramowitz even realize the damage they caused when they decided to put their attacks on Hill to the side and throw you under the bus. Wonder what they are thinking now that you flipped that bus over and are dusting yourself off.

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