Sid the Science Kid’s “Ineffective” Teacher Susie

Not good Enough

Not good Enough

It’s early Saturday morning here at the Portelos house. That means we usually have my one year old waking up and making some noise between the hours of 5:30 am and 6:30 am. This causes a chain reaction and before we know it it’s 7 am, everyone is up and cartoons are on. I remind you agin that it is Saturday.

As I grab the remote and I’m about to put on Yo Gabba Gabba!, my two year old yells “No baba (father in Greek)…Sid!..Sid!” This science geek dad is ecstatic that his boys like Sid the Science Kid. I put it on and lay on the couch hoping to grab some Zzzs and nap while they are preoccupied with this magical babysitter calledtelevision.

As my wife is entering grades into this new online report card system and complaining about a “Runtime Error”, I start watching the show. All four of us were now engulfed in education.

I’m watching the show and start paying attention to some interesting things as it relates to the modern day classroom scenario.

As Susie, Sid’s teacher is explaining why your face hurts when you laugh a lot and how it has muscles, Gerald, Sid’s classmate, jumps out and disrupts the class. “Look at my muscles!” he yells as he starts posing like an Olympiad. “Uh oh…I hope Ms. Susie’s principal doesn’t walk in with a clipboard and observe this.” I thought to myself. Since I have been hearing so many teachers complaining about this new teacher evaluation process, I started paying more attention to the details on the show.

I realized she would probably be rated “ineffective” had she been acting in this manner in a NYC public school. Her walls are bare. No Word Wall. Barely any student work. She allows the students to be disruptive and does not address their behavior.

Gerald acting up and Teacher Susie not addressing it.

Sure they are engaged, but engagement doesn’t matter today. They perform experiments, but do not even align it with the new rigorous Common Core Learning Standards. I mean I never saw one student create a writing piece.

I wonder how the following teachers would be rated under the new teacher evaluation.


Ms. Crabtree from the Little Rascals

I do not like that stern look. Makes the students feel uncomfortable.

Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid

I hope there is a writing piece to follow this lesson.

Mr. Kotter


Times have changed and I can’t wait to get back in the classroom and see what all this craziness is about.


Again, here is a video of the inception of the NYS teacher evaluation. We need to repeal law 3012-c and break away from the Common Core and Danielson as a gotcha tool.

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  1. Funny piece! Susie’s classroom (or is it an entire school for four kids!) appears to be a Montessori, so I have a feeling no one’s looking over her shoulder ever.

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