An Ode to My @Facebook Friends – Thank You for Your Support


Ode to My Facebook Friends

This post has been in the works for over almost 700 days. That’s how long this battle has been going on. Some of you were there from the beginning. Some of you jumped in later on. In either case you have been a tremendous source of support.

Before there was / there was….Facebook. I was an avid FB poster. Mediterranean cruise… I gave a play by play on Facebook. My wife giving birth… I gave a play by play on Facebook (not in detail). My son’s first words, first steps…I posted it on Facebook. A crazy raccoon that chased us up the block….I posted video on Facebook. About 700 of you were there to laugh andthrow out your thumbs up (like), comment and share our experiences.

Then, in January 2012 things changed. They changed quickly and drastically. You were still there and even more present as this battle began and became crazier and crazier AND CRAZIER. As it continued to unfold you ate popcorn by your screens. What was happening was unreal.

I have a Federal lawsuit I filed against the NYC DOE, New York City, principal and soon the superintendent will be added. Because of that lawsuit, each side can request documents, including emails, from the other side. This is called discovery. I asked for a lot and they asked for a lot. One thing that the city attorney asked me for was my “entire Facebook wall”. Huh My dinner with friends My pics of my family My attorney Bryan Glass and I refused, but we offered all posts that dealt with the complaint filed. They agreed and I got to work. I sat and went through my enter Facebook Wall/Timeline from January 2012, when I first started feeling the effects of this, all the way to when the complaint was filed. It was truly surreal reliving and seeing the roller coaster ride unfold in a play by play fashion.

My Facebook friends were there. With thumbs up and comments like “Don’t give up!” and “We need more teachers like you.” You were the vertebrate in my ever growing spine. The rocks in my sling in this battle against Goliath. I thank you for it.

This post is long overdue, but I thank you. I took the file I prepared for the city attorney, made a copy and added comments in red. You need Adobe Reader to view it. It’s 54 pages and in chronological order. It’s pretty wild to see it unfold in text and images. I couldn’t fit all the comments, but you can see the notifications are there. That’s you and again I thank you again for your support.

Francesco Portelos’ Facebook Timeline Jan 2012 to June 2012

Kindergarten class

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  1. Did u have another hearing

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