Revisiting my only Unsatisfactory Observation

I received this notice and was quickly removed from school. I didn’t pay as much attention to it back then as I had bigger fish to fry, but all this talk of Teacher Evaluations and misusing Danielson Framework has steered me back to it.

I recently found evidence that can be used to throw out this gotcha rating.

See this link and pay close attention to the audio files within. During the post observation, Assistant Principal Joanne Aguirre admittedly states she used Danielson, but omitted it in writing after she realized it can’t be used.

I filed a grievance and everyone should pay close attention to the decision. If it is denied when not allowed to be used, imagine what will happen when it is officially allowed .

DOE Catch 22 or as I call it…their “DOElemma”

Good thing I used Step 3 of my Educator Survival Guide

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