“Where’s your union”


A year ago I started realizing our union wasn’t what I thought it was. I had the naive assumption that if I was under attack, I make a call and the UFT comes swooping in, with sleeves rolled up, contract in hand and takes care of business.
Now, over a year later, here I am. Still under attack, only under heavier fire, an exiled chapter leader, 32 unanswered emails to UFT President Michael Mulgrew and worse yet…I’m not alone.
I hate the name of my website. I was naive when I created it and thought it was only I who needed protecting. In the last year I have read about, spoken to and been contacted by countless fallen educators. One too many. In every single case, I ask the same thing that I have been asked myself countless times…”WHERE IS YOUR UNION”
So please…anyone…anyone out there..anyone at all -Share your stories in the comment section below. I have to hear a positive story. I have heard too many horror stories where UFT members have turned their back on needy members. Where union appointed attorneys have misrepresented educators and lead them to the chopping block. Where educators are left to languish in their abusive school environments or non existent rubber rooms for years while UFT leaders rake in $200k+ salaries and feast.

This is an appetizer post to one coming up called “Mikey Mulgrew…Where Are You I’m biting my lip no more. It’s not only the DOE that woke a sleeping giant


This upcoming election I’m running on the MORE slate for the Middle School Executive Board seat. Winning chapter leader from the rubber room made history. Now I’m going to do it again. I’m bringing a backbone and voice to 52 Broadway. Are you ready Are you with me

Share stories of success below please.

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  1. Reminds me a little of IRA man Bobby Sands being elected as an MP while sitting in Maze prison. Let’s hope for a better outcome.

  2. I do not have a personal story that applies here, but as a retired middle school teacher, I encourage you to keep blogging. Teaching is a calling and a commitment; it is not a “job.” You have students listening to you somewhere and you are making a difference.

  3. p.s. I was a member of a union and we were a “closed shop.” IMO my union was interested more in furthering their own agenda against certain administrators and first and foremost looked to teachers to help them in that capacity. Individual lives were not as important…a little anti-thesis of how teachers view the world. If I had any advice it would be to kill them with kindness (thank you for your prompt reply…do you have any suggestions…..) Keep the dialogue going!

  4. Best of luck to you Portelos…don’t give up…I was very sick, near death possibly when they decided to chomp down. They’re inhumane, no…they’re pathological, they have no soul…don’t give up unless and until you’ve had enough…keep fighting the good fight. As you can see I lived, but I remember the whole bunch…they had nothing so they just made it up as they went along. Not one politician would help, Mikey Gloomberg did nothing and I surmise it was a whistle blower kind of thing…’Where’s da books’ No one wants to hear that…they crucified me…if I had the strength, if I wasn’t fighting for my very life I would have given them a run for their money but ultimately it wasn’t worth it. I look back having studied psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, let’s just say Axis II Cluster B personalities and I believe in leadership that is what we’re dealing with…see, you have to have a conscience…you have to look at what you are doing to people and their lives. When you can plan and execute an all out attack with no mercy…that puts one on the spectrum…lack of conscience, remorse, pathological lying…if you want to understand what you’re up against…it’s not really ‘stupid’ or ‘incompetent’ but I’d say pathological. I miss teaching, but I’m glad I’m out of there. I’ve learned when surrounded by too much darkness it rubs off on you. That’s why so many are strung out on antidepressants…I see friends that retire so bitter. Think it through my friend…maybe the universe has bigger and better plans for you. I look back and see in a way I was saved…I think over time the darkness would have destroyed me…maybe it’s your turn to soar in a direction that feeds your soul…I agree one should give it one’s best, but see, they’re trying to break you down. Their pockets are long and deep…weigh the options carefully…maybe they’re not worth YOUR time…be blessed Portelos…I’ve been there…it won’t change…will pray for you but keep in mind…those on the ‘spectrum’ are incurable…and this is just what they do…I wouldn’t have ever believed it but yes, they are ruthless and I had to wipe the experience off like crap on my shoe…for years I had nightmares because it was TRAUMA that was produced…you don’t expect people to be this evil…there is no other word to describe it…gas lighting, triangulation, lying the whole nine…

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