Whistleblower Response from SCI

When I saw this sign, on the NYC Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI) site www.nycsci.org,a year ago, I didn’t realize there was a catch.


I looked at the NYC Dept of Investigation (DOI) site and I didn’t pay attention to this hook on the worm. I took the bait.

worm bait

I have good news and I have bad news. What do you want to read first

Ok Bad News first. After about 230 days, SCI attorney Daniel Schlatchet rendered a decision on my whistleblower complaint. Ready It was denied. Yes, the city missed their chance of resolving this and sending me back to my classroom.

I know what you are thinking. “But it’s so obvious Mr. Portelos. You alleged misconduct and they retaliated against you, destroying your stellar record. You had no disciplinary action taken against you.What excuse did they give

Well, that brings us to the good news. The report has misinformation, fed from Principal Hill and District 31 Superintendent Ermina Claudio, stating there was a tiff prior to my SCI complaint.”How is this Good News Mr. Portelos

Well, if the SCI response is any indication of what the DOE attorneys, for my Federal Court case (CV12-3141), may be leaning towards, then I am in even better shape then I thought.

Unfortunately, I don’t want to show all my cards, but you’ll see what I’m talking about as this crazy story continues, the book is written and the movie is made. Therefore, I probably will not be appealing this.


Tech Coordinator” Now there is a term that has not crossed my mind in over a year.

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  1. What do you do all day in the rubber room

    • I can’t really answer that as my Federal case is pushing forward. Let’s just say it’s not what you’re paying me to do with your tax dollars.

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