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Depending how long you have been following, you may have read that I actually received Hate Mail (email) from someone. Besides the name calling they also left comments (the only negative comments ever left on my blog) and spoke about my children. Well, it seems they struck again.

You may want to stop here and read this post first :

Hate Mailfrom within theDOE[Updated 05-10-13]

In case you do not have time, here is the quick run down.

  1. Received an email stating I am a “bum” and should quit and give all my money back to the taxpayers.
  2. The emails came fromkimberlywatkins35@yahoo.comand were sent right after I live streamed from the Rubber Room in October 2012.
  3. I responded to these emails in order to elicit more communication. I did this to acquire more IP addresses that were tagged with the anonymous emails.
  4. Almost all IP addresses came from within the NYC DOE.
  5. I emailed the user on a Friday evening, so I can try and get a response from the user’s home. It worked.
  6. I submitted all emails and IP addresses to The Special Commissioner of Investigation (Case 2012-5547). Investigator Matthew Martucci was assigned the case.
  7. SCI found a male NYC DOE employeerelated to those IP addresses and knew of the case. The details are listed in that original link and you can read them there.

Now, I have called SCI numerous times and they will not furnish the name of the DOE employee to me. It seems strange as I was the complainant and the IP addresses were from the DOE and were linked to the employee’s parent’s home. I told SCI, even today “This person spoke about my family. How do I know they are not parked outside of my house. How can you protect them” SCI told me they were sorry, but they couldn’t. That’s their policy. I have recently FOILed the information.

More recently I found that this anonymous person, sent more emails about me, but this time to Chancellor Walcott, UFT President Michael Mulgrew and Principal Linda Hill. See below.

Mr. Portelos, did UFT President Michael Mulgrew notify you of this” Come on…the guy has not responded to over 46 emails I have sent to him in the last two years.


From: Claudio Erminia
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 2:05 PM
To: Gordon Andrew; Brodsky David
Subject: FW: Threatening statement from Portelos on his website….

Good Afternoon Andrew,
Please see the following email that was sent to the Chancellor, Michael Mulgrew and Principal Hill from someone by the
name of Kimberley Watkins.

Erminia Claudio
Community Superintendent, District 31
715 Ocean Terrace, Building A
Staten Island, New York 10301
Telephone #: 718 420-5667
Fax #: 718 420-5677
—–Original Message—–
From: Kimberly Watkins []
Sent: Tue 11/20/2012 1:12 PM
To:; Walcott Dennis M
Cc: Hill Linda (31r049)

Subject: Threatening statement from Portelos on his website….

Please see the last sentence in this paragraph from a statement posted from Portelos on his website today. This threat
should be cause for termination of employment.
In any case, I exposed that the Rubber Rooms still exist, just like I exposed that the School Leadership Teams are a sham
and have no say in million dollar school budgets or school goals. Just like I will expose the kangaroo court that is the
3020A teacher termination hearing process, should the department want to go down that road. Trust me, from what I
have seen, they are not ready to take me on at a 3020A. It’s not only because I’m innocent, because many innocent
educators have been terminated, but because…well let’s just leave it at that for now.


I was referring to the mounds of evidence I have. Threatening

Obviously this anonymous person has issues. 1:12 PM on a Tuesday is not usually a lunch time, so them sending this and others is also a violation of the DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

It’s OK though as the threats are made towards Francesco Portelos. Do not expect justice to be served when Francesco Portelos makes an allegation.

I did find that Kimberly Watkins was a teacher in NYC schoolEl Hajj Malik El Shabazz K262 in District 16. She left the DOE in 2008 and was apparently questioned by SCI.

Anyone have any info or know anyone from that school who knew her

Stay Tuned…there is more.

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  1. She left in 2008 Sounds like someone using an expired email to cover for their own harassment. Hope that FOIL comes through for you.

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