Hate Mail from within the DOE [Updated 05-10-13]

Updated with findings from the Special Commissioner of Investigation at the bottom.

You have enemies Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

Winston Churchill

I’ve been keeping this one under wraps, but feel there is no real need anymore. Back in October I live streamed myself sitting in a Rubber Room and doing nothing while still getting paid $75,000. I’m hoping most of the taxpayers affected realized I was exposing this for them and not to rub it in. Obviously guilty people don’t put themselves out there like that and don’t forget I am here because I blew the whistle on corruption. That was almost four months ago and I’m still here in the Rubber Room, in the same situation. They tried to give me busy work but haven’t checked on me since early November.

In any case as the media was calling me for interviews and educators around the country were sending me messages of support, one was not too happy with me. Here is the first email I received from what I assume is a fake Yahoo account:


1.From:Kimberly Watkins<kimberlywatkins35@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 9:44 PM
Subject: You’re a bum
To: “mrportelos@gmail.com” <mrportelos@gmail.com>
You are a bum, and I’m sick of paying for you to do nothing. You were a problem in the school community, and were removed appropriately. If you were a man of honor you wouldnt accept a paycheck anymore. In the private sector, you would’ve been kicked out on the street where you belong. You are obviously incompetent of holding down a position, and you do not belong in any position teaching kids. Be a man and give the money you are collecting back.
Received: from[] <–Click and see. DOE IP Address
I sent a quick reply to elicit another response and obtain another IP address. They fell for it.
From:Mr. Portelos<mrportelos@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 6:39 AM
Subject: Re: You’re a bum
To: Kimberly Watkins <kimberlywatkins35@yahoo.com>
What do you mean
-Francesco Portelos
2.From:Kimberly Watkins<kimberlywatkins35@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 5:13 PM
Subject: Re: You’re a bum
To: “Mr. Portelos”mrportelos@gmail.com
You were kicked out of your school. You should be on the street, not getting a paycheck. You are incompetent, and were removed from your position. What don’t you understand about that You’re a worthless bum.
Received: from[]<–Click. DOE IP Address
I didn’t respond, but they continued to email me from DOE computers during DOE time (taxpayer paid)
3. From:Kimberly Watkins<kimberlywatkins35@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: You’re a bum
To: “Mr. Portelos” <mrportelos@gmail.com>

So when are we going to get the money back that you owe us, the taxpayer We are demanding that you pay the state back for collecting a paycheck for doing nothing and being the bum that you are.

Received: from[]<–Click. DOE IP Address

I asked “How much do you think I owe What formula should I use” đŸ™‚

4.From:Kimberly Watkins<kimberlywatkins35@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 7:25 PM
Subject: Re: You’re a bum
To: “Mr. Portelos”mrportelos@gmail.com

There is no formula. The day you were removed from the classroom was the last penny you should have collected. So take every penny you have gotten paid from the second you were told not to come back and give it back to us.
Received: from[]<–Click. DOE IP Address
I decided to try and get them to respond on a weekend, so I can get an IP from home. It worked.
From:Mr. Portelos<mrportelos@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 9:43 PM
Subject: Re: You’re a bum
To: Kimberly Watkins <kimberlywatkins35@yahoo.com>
I’ll email the payroll secretary and see if she can help with the numbers.

-Francesco Portelos

5.From:Kimberly Watkins<kimberlywatkins35@yahoo.com>
Date:Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Subject: Re: You’re a bum
To: “Mr. Portelos”mrportelos@gmail.com

Just get the money back to the taxpayers you bum.
Received: from[]ON A SATURDAY
The IP address appears to be from a Time Warner Account. Hook, line and sinker!
In addition to these I also received some comments on my blog. The tone seemed all too familiar and it also came from a NYC Schools computer at 9:27AM. No one has lunch that early.
From: “WordPress” <donotreply@wordpress.com>
Date: Oct 23, 2012 9:27 AM
Subject: [Protect Portelos] Please moderate: “20 Miles from my Family and Students”
To: <fportelos@gmail.com>

New comment waiting approval on Protect Portelos

commented on20 Miles from my Family and StudentsWhy did you have another kid if this situation was going to be so stressful You HAD to have a second kid! Hopefully, he won’t grow up to be a whiny baby like his father.

More information about


I spoke to one of these DOE Tech Support specialists (dont’ remember which one)who informed me that it can be traced back to the exact computer.
NYC SCI is investigating and assigned case number 2012/5547.
I am under investigation for 20+ allegations. Most of them involve technology. I have not been found guilty of any of them. I basically served all the information needed to apprehend the harasser on a silver platter. They can trace the computer and then cross reference to video surveillance. They could alsosubpoenaTime Warner records.
Nice try, but apparently you had no idea who you were dealing with.
From SCI Report:

In October 2012, in an e-mail message to SCI, Portelos reported that he received
harassing e-mail messages which he asserted violated the DOE Internet Acceptable Use
policy. Portelos said that he traced three of the messages to a DOE computer. The
author of the messages said that Portelos was a bum, that he should be on the street not
collecting a paycheck; that he was incompetent and was removed from his position
appropriately; that he should not be in a position teaching kids; and that if he were a man
of honor, then he would not accept a paycheck anymore. In a subsequent e-mail message
to SCI, Portelos reported that he tracked the harassing messages to the home of the

A review of the messages received by Portelos revealed that they emanated from
a Yahoo! account address apparently associated with Kimberly [name withheld]. SCI
investigators learned that a DOE employee by that name had resigned to pursue a
different career.
The assigned SCI investigator received a subsequent e-mail message from
Portelos who explained that he did not find a name, but had tracked the IP addresses from
the header file and submitted that information to SCI and DOE Tech Support. According
to Portelos, Tech Support advised that they could trace it to a computer within the DOE.
Portelos added that some of the IP addresses were associated with the DOE and one was
a Time Warner account.
SCI investigators met with DIIT Chief Information and Security Director
Desmond White and IT Forensic Investigator Diane Bellis; White acknowledged that
DIIT had received the e-mail messages from Portelos. According to White, even if DIIT
could identify the computer which was used to send the messages, it would be difficult to
determine who had sent the messages because anyone could create an account and user
name. White reported that former DOE employee Kimberly had not signed on to the
DOE computer system since she left in 2008. Forensic Investigator Bellis subsequently
informed the assigned investigator that the DOE computer could not be traced and
Information obtained by SCI identified a Roadrunner and a Verizon subscriber
associated with some of the IP addresses in question; that person was a male teacher
employed by the DOE. SCI investigators interviewed the teacher who identified
Kimberly as a friend whom he saw occasionally. The teacher described Kimberly as a
friend with benefits. The teacher said that he no longer saw Kimberly and was not sure
where she was living. The teacher knew about Portelos through New York Post articles
and Porteloss blog. The teacher had never met with or spoken to Portelos.
The teacher asserted that Kimberly had access to his apartment and may have
used his computer.8
The teacher described Kimberly as being about 24 years old. The
teacher said he never signed on to his computer using a Kimberly [name withheld]
address and did not send the messages to Portelos. The teacher did not know whether
Kimberly sent messages to Portelos or why she would send such messages.
The assigned SCI investigator spoke by telephone with 39-year-old Kimberly, the
former DOE employee with the same name as the e-mail account. Kimberly did not
know the male teacher associated with the IP addresses, and did not use the e-mail
address in question. Kimberly never heard of Francesco Portelos and never sent any email messages to him.
The teacher said that Kimberly also knew his parents. Another IP address used came from an account
subscribed to by the male teachers father.

Additional attempts to identify users and trace IP addresses did not produce useful

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  1. Oh my…I really cannot believe, the depths of stupidty, that some of these people crawl out from. I guess, they really have no idea that information can be traced back to them. I am quite speechless about this whole thing. So, did you ever find out, the exact amount that you`—owe the NYCDOE. This by far, is the most outlandish story…EVER.

  2. I believe IPs are reassigned within the DoE – not all over the system, but at least within a building, and perhaps between schools in the same geographic area


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