Vague SCI Report is Finally Out on Portelos and IS 49

sci conclusion

At 2:22 PM today, April 25, 2013, I was looking at the countdown on this site. It was going to show the 365 day 0 hour and 0 minute mark of the last time I stepped foot into my beloved STEM Lab. Just then my phone beeped and I received an email from a reporter asking what I thought about “the report” and the subject line was titled “Happy Anniversary“. Turns out that the Special Commissioner of Investigation published their report of not only me, but everyone at Berta Dreyfus IS 49. It was sent to about thirty members of the press, but not me first Hmmm…

I quickly had it forwarded to me and without reading it emailed all the press that received it stating I am open to all questions involving. Transparency is and always will be a big part of who I am.

My quick thoughts about the report, which can be found here: SCI IS 49 REPORT(Click here)

    1. Out of all the days I worked at IS 49 I stayed past dismissal approximately 95% of the time. Out of all those times, I stayed late to improve the education of my class and entire school community as was indicated in my principal’s recommendation letter found here. It was not to run a Real Estate business. To quote my broker, “They just have to look at your record“. Or you can watch this video and see if I had time to do real estate. My 1099 form showed a mere $5,000 in commission last year.
    2. As stated to investigators on June 14, 2012 an analyst will find cookies or files relating to real estate on my DOE computers. I even told them I pulled it up during class to show the students a real world application of what we are learning, such as spreadsheets and graphs. I did not do real estate during class time.
    3. The principal approved a personal day for me to take my real estate license exam during school hours. It was the only time I could take it. In addition I was repeatedly asked to partake in Career Day at school acting as an agent and informing the graduates of the field of real estate.
    4. The amount of man hours and taxpayer funds used for this investigation is probably astounding.
    5. I never,evermade any allegation which I knew to be false.
    6. There are some allegations in there where I nor my attorney were ever questioned about such as the email to parents about teacher licensing and video cameras in staff lounge.
    7. I own and have a US patent on It’s a site I worked on and I did pull up in class again to show the real world application of what we we learning in class. No regrets as the students seemed to understand they could have a career in what we learn in my class. My class was very career oriented.
    8. I have some audio clips that I will be posting that corroborate my defense and claims.
    9. I told investigators that I posted an apartment for rent that I owned and posted it on a public bulletin board as owner not agent.
    10. The SCI report is confusing and vague. I believe this was the purpose.
    11. I bought and owned and didn’t think ofmyselfastheowner even though I paid for it and worked on it on holidays, weekends and the principal asked me to do things on it over the summer.

seating I “hacked” it is like saying I broke into my own house.

  1. I received a disciplinary letter for staying 27 minutes too late to work on two videos for
  2. Keep in mind that the person who alleged that I conducted real estate was none other than my UFT Chapter Leader, Richard Candia. He wanted me out for UFT elections and I was still voted in as Chapter Leader despite my exile.
  3. DOE BoroughSafetyDirector Frank Jordan stated that the video surveillance footage of Denise Diacomanolis was no longer available There is a 6 month retention time on this footage according to DIIT. What happened to the footage since I notified Superintendent Erminia Claudio only shortly after it happened. It’s upsetting that the superintendent was more concerned about false allegations of copying surveillance video and not that a girl was smothered by her assistant principal.
  4. I never created It was used by the principal before I came to the school. She let it expire and I bought it for about $6.
  5. contains facts that are shocking and need to be addressed.
  6. “Hill reported that before he was reassigned Portelos manipulated the computers to go on to his personal site” How would I know I’m being removed. The IT guy messed up by not resetting the server policy info.
  7. The school computers were set to default to when you open internet explorer. At one point, since I owned the domain name, I had it forward to another site the summer after I was removed. It is not my fault that they did not change the server policy.
  8. ALL THE ALLEGATIONS REGARDING ANYTHING TECHNOLOGY RELATED SHOW IGNORANCE ON THE PART OF THOSE MAKING THE ALLEGATION. Remember that Principal Hill told us there is no money for projector bulbs because “bulbs are software”
  9. DIIT Chief Security Office Desmond White stated “Portelos owned the content of the site and the DOE had no legal recourse regarding content.
  10. I did call the teacher’s lounge as alleged. As a chapter leader of the school, I ran the chapter from 20 miles away. I called and the conversation with female teacher was as follows: Me: “Hello“. Her: “Irecognizethis voice. How did you know we are down here” Because of all these ridiculoustech relatedallegations against me I joked “Oh the cameras.” She quickly hung up and I was told she went to the principal. I never knew anyone took it serious and neither I nor my attorney were questioned about it. It should be pointed out that they went and subpoenaed my cell phone records. No worries as the taxpayer paid for that too. Unwarranted invasion of privacy.
  11. Wait…the principal put a filter with the word “dreyfus” when the school is called Berta Dreyfus
  12. So there was nothing inappropriate about this video CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO AND ALLEGATIONSDoes it look like she was fixing a zipper
  13. On more than one occasion it appears that Superintendent Claudio was more interested in what happened with the information rather than the actual content of the information. Great work Superintendent Claudio.
  14. A parent told me that she was afraid of retaliation against her son for bringing up my name in meetings. “How can that be” I asked her. She stated that last year the girlfriend of UFT Chapter Leader Richard Candia, Jennifer Wolfson, failed her son and sent him to summer school. That parent is my neighbor and we had a good repor until recently. Not sure what false information she was told.
  15. During a seven hour deposition, Principal Hill stated that she was obtaining inside information from Jennifer Wolfson, Richard Candia, Susanne Abramowitz and another paraprofessional.
  16. I have an email from Linda Hill stating “Paraprofessionals do not get per session pay” However two, that I know of, did. One was the one above that was giving her information and the second was my key witness to a sexual harassment complaint against AP Joanne Aguirre. Before lying to investigators she told school staff what she saw and heard AP Joanne Aguirre tell me.
  17. Once Hill and Diacomanolis are taken out of the school, staff will speak out against what they saw. Those are their words, not mine. They currently feel no protection in speaking out. They have done so in the past. When investigators came to investigate, they questioned the wrong Ms. D. If push comes to shove, those staff members will have to speak out.
  18. This report in some ways helps my Federal Lawsuit and adds to the content of the case.
  19. Several allegations I made are not mentioned in the report. I am looking into them.
  20. Who is Kimberly Watkins and her “friend” ReadHate Mail from DOE
  21. A student did a shot of alcohol in my class my second month of teaching. I was besides myself and sent him to AP Denise Diacomanolis’ office and he came back five minutes later with doughnuts. True story. It was crazy.
  22. District 31 Parent Liason Zulma Cruz told me that others have made complaints about
    IS 49 and Diacomanolis to her through 311. Now she states otherwise
  23. The nurse who retired should have been questioned about the AP and the bathroom incident.
  24. I wonder who the male teacher was that knew Kimberly Watkins and she didn’t know him.
  25. The last allegation was one that claimed that Denise Diacomanolis worked on the weekends for one of her teachers. This was unsubstantiated even though a FOIL response for her records show the company in her resume.
  26. Which allegation warranted my removal again

I know I have this reputation of legally recording, but I am so glad I did as I have a few gigabytes to go through to support my claims.

UPDATE: As of April 26, 2013 3:30PM I have not heard from the DOE, but was told by reporters that they are moving to terminate me. I wish them luck as they are going to need it. I hope they put me up against their best ATU lawyer so I can finally have a challenge.

“You can’t break Portelos”

Workplace Bullying

I’ve been fighting bullies my whole life and I’m not going to stop now. It started off locally in school, but now the number increased to unnamed attorneys, investigators and other DOE officials. See video filmed a few months ago where I am interviewed bylaw firmMorrison and Foerster: Many of the allegations are explained.

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  2. toolazyforalogin

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Well done! This is a “White Chalk Crime.” Check out this web site: It can seem a bit random but she speaks true.

  4. Don’t you get it yet, Francisco… they will invent charges. I was the NY State Educator of Excellence in 1998, and my practice was filmed by Harvard, the LRDC and the New Standards, and I was one of six teachers of the thousands studied in the Pew Standards research whose work was celebrated, but the district 2 superintendent, at that time (before she moved to San Diego) put out charges of incompetence… after her failed attempt to harass me out with allegations of corporal punishment!

    In fact this former superintendent of district 2, herself, found me guilty of corporal punishment based on an alleged ‘curse’ I spoke in front of an entire class, but no charges were ever filed! The first I heard about the allegation wasat a meeting, 6 months after I was sent to ‘teacher jail…aka Rubber-Room… where a letter containing her ‘verdict’ was read.

    The UFT rep for Manhattan- at that time- silenced ME when I expressed astonishment. My private attorney made it clear (when I filed a suit for 4 million) that even if I had been insane enough to curse in front of a class, it is not, by law corporal punishment.

    Don’t you get it Francisco. IN LAUSD (california) 852 teachers , veterans who were about to be vested in pension and health benefits, were CHARGED with criminal activities. How many do you think were cleared

    KEEP IN MIND: It would cost LAUSD 45k in benefits per year, for each of the 852 if they are vested. (Consider this, Teach for America candidates who are NOT credentialized, can be hired for 35k, and fired at will.

    Do the math. ALL were found guilty and dismissed.

    I know of many teachers, charged with insane things. Have you ever herd or Walter Porr, a hero fireman who taught for 13 years after retiring from th NYFD only to face false allegations. THIS IS THE MODUS OPERENDI TO RID THE SCHOOLS OF TENURED TEACHERS, the experienced professionals who would never use replace tried and true lessons with test prep and anti-learning curricula.

  5. Francesco, you are a godsend to public education says this 27 yr vet of Buffalo Public Schools teaching self contained learning behavioral challenged kids. They could not have picked on a worse guy if they tried. I look forward to reading more and I wonder if any of them have the slightest inkling what the end game holds for them and their total lack of integrity and credibility. You are the stuff of parents,students and colleagues dreams and shiftless DOE operatives worst nightmares. Stay strong my friend.

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