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The Online Occurrence Reporting System (OORS) is what is used to keep track of all incidents that occur in or around a NYC DOE school. At one point, the school I tried to improve had 1,283 incidents in 180 days. That is an average of 7.12 incidents a day or roughly an incident a period. My community school was notorious for not addressing major discipline issues. It was coined “The School Gone Wild” by the NY Post and the graph of “reported” incidents (numbersI obtained through FOIL as well) looked like this: Incidents Reported IS 49 They stopped giving us thenumbers as they saw we were plotting them and the graph was ugly. Since therewas no district or Tweed accountability to prevent this rise of disruptions, it was better to withhold thenumbers and delay.

“We cannot provide this information to you at this time.
Thank you,
Robin F. Singer
Associate Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
New York CityDepartment of Education
52 Chambers Street, Room 308
New York, New York 10007
Tel.(212) 374-7536
Fax(212) 374-5596/5539

——– In any case, during the last months of my tenure as UFT Chapter Leader OF Is 49, I found that a student rubbed his crotch against the nicest and sweetest teachers you could ever meet. She is over 70 years old and doesn’t retire because she loves what she does. Imagine that. Evaluate that. NY Post and Daily News write about that. Of course she became a prime target for Principal Linda Hill and Assistant Principal Denise Diacomanolis. This teacher told me that in all her years as an educator, she never wrote a student up, but on February 27, 2014 she did. She had to. The administration’s response was “It didn’t happen. It was an accident. He bumped into you.” In fact, two frightenededucational assistantsin the room said they didn’t see anything when they wrote their witness statements up. Laterthough,theyadmitted they saw this disturbing act tothis wonderful veteran teacher. By the way, paras are NOTTENURED.

A NYC DOE employee is mandated to report an incident with “undue delay” and if it is of sexual nature, it must be done within 24hours. As I said before, IS 49 was notorious for not addressing issues. You probably read on my blog that a student actually drank a shot of whisky in class and AP Denise Diacomanolis attempted to cover it up instead of addressing it. Read “A Shot of Whisky to Help Boost Grades

So, what did I do I asked the teacher, as I did all thestaff, to copy the witness statement they wrote up. You see, every single witness statement has a unique tracking code on the top right. I asked her to give it to me and I then brought it to the attention of the DOE’s Office of Safety and Youth Development (OSYD) and UFT Safety in addition to many other concerns. UFT Safety asked DOE if this number and incident was entered and officially reported during a March 3, 2014 Safety Grievance meeting we had at Tweed. They stated it was submitted, butwas it

To the FOIL Unit!!!

—————– From:Francesco Portelos<>
Date: Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 12:55 PM
Subject: FOIL OORS information 4217228
To:, FOIL <>

Dear Mr. Baranello,

Pursuant to the New York Freedom of Information Law, please send me copies by email of the following records:

– Documentation pertaining to the DOE Incident Witness statement # 4217228 entered into the Online Occurrence Reporting System (OORS). This can be in the form of just a print out of the time and date the witness statement was entered into the system. Please note that I do not need the witness statement itself. No names of students are needed.

This documentation can be easily located by contacting Jay

I would appreciate a response within five business days of receipt as required by law.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Francesco Portelos Parent Educator IS 49 UFT Chapter Leader


I finally received a response that…..

….want to guess before I tell you

Was it entered When

Go ahead..take a guess and then scroll down….














FOIL Witness

….and there you have it. It was entered AFTER we inquired about it. Regulations Rules Those were meant to be broken. ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.

Make copies of your incidents and if you feel your schoolis purposely ignoring major issues, FOIL IT using template above.

Also try FOILing “Online Occurrence Reporting System Summary” between certain dates and/or”Online Occurrence Reporting – Incident Location Summary

Displaying 3-17-14 pie chart IS49.jpeg

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