Don’t Tread on Educators Talk Show is BACK!

Took a little break from running the talk show, but I’m happy to report that it’s back…and with a vengeance. Check out the last two amazing interviews (6 and 7) if you can’t see them all.

Email me at mrportelos@gmail.comif you are interested in being on the show. Check this page for updates.

Guests Lined Up for Upcoming Shows:
Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, Detroit Educator, Rep Candidate
Deborah Meier, Education
Evan Frangos, School Counselor from Queensland, South Australia
Education Professor Peter Sasso, Monmouth University
Betsy Combier, Parent and Teacher Advocate
Joy Hochstadt ESQ, Former NYC Educator, Education Lawyer
Anonymous Educators

DTOE Talk Episode 7 (04.05.13) – Robert Panning-Miller Minneapolis Teacher and Former MFT President. Runs the Public Education Justice Alliance of Minnesota (PEJAM)

DTOE Talk Episode 6 (04.04.13) -Professor Lois Weiner – The Future of Our Schools (

The Global Assault on Teachering, Teachers and their Unions – Coauthor Mary Compton


DTOE Talk Episode 5 – The Real Victims of an Educator’s Wrongful Exile

At around noon today, January 30, 2013, I will have been under SCI investigation for one year and not charged with anything. 20+ allegations and no charges. Putting the money wasted aside, I will be reading some of the names of the true victims here….the students.

DTOE Talk Episode 4- Diana Zavala from

DTOE TALK -Episode 3 -A guest canceled so I tested show with my phone


DTOE Talk – Episode 2 with guest Leonie Haimson (

DTOE Talk -Episode 1 (Pilot) with guest LA Teacher Leonard Isenberg

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