Admin’s ” Not So Confidential” Emails Part 7- Terminating Another Teacher

Continued fromAdmin’s “Not so Confidential” Emailssegment.

There was another teacher that my principal tried to terminate. There was an OSI investigation on them that comes after this interesting email to the assistant principals. The teacher was later alleged to have ripped a student’s shirt while the student was running around class. Were they guilty I don’t know. Was this teacher sent 20 miles away pending investigation No, they were placed in the main office of the school doing administrative work as per the April 15, 2010 UFT/DOE agreement. Me on the other hand….I was sent several districts and two boroughs away. I was definitely more of a threat I guess, just not to students.

Note: I replaced names with caps and removed other irrelevant paragraphs from email. I also added the quotations around “all our hard work”


From: “Linda Hill”

Date: Jan 30, 2011 1:19 PM

Subject: Meeting tomorrow


> Ladies,

Complete the excel spreadsheet I sent you after each observation please.
> My other attachments are for TEACHER NAME. It is a Log of Assistance, Plan for Improvement, and a professional reading reflection form I know AP NAME and AP NAME have been meeting with TEACHER NAME now they/we need to use the proper forms or else when I bring him up for termination all “of our hard work will be for naught“. On Tuesday lets meet with TEACHER NAME to have him sign the necessary papers.
> FYI Joanne and I also have a meeting February 7th, in the afternoon, at Gracie Mansion with the Mayor. :)).
> Linda
> —
> Linda V. Hill
> Principal, IS 49
> tel. 718 727 6040
> fax. 718 876 8207

There are two things that concern me about this specific email. One is the phrase “all our hard work” as it relates to the attempt to terminate, not support, an educator. I don’t know the specifics of this case, nor did I observe this educator in the classroom, but this seems premeditated termination as is my case. Am I reading this wrong That teacher no longer works at my school, but I need to find them and just have their lawyer look at this and other emails that I found that pertain to their case.

The second, and maybe even most important, part of this email is the double smiley face after the meeting with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion. I’ve been asked by educators and non-educators, from across the country to across the Atlantic, “How is your principal still in the school

Perhaps, out of all the “Not So Confidential” emails out there, this phrase and double smiley face explains everything. Perhaps her meeting with the mayor of NYC, and/or being on his task force is her Teflon jacket.

I don’t have that answer, but be sure we are looking into it.

Coming soon are a behind the scenes look at what goes into setting up a pedagogue. Emails from Laura Brantley, Director of ATU, Lisa McFadden and Superintendent Claudio included.

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