Today’s Recall Election Result

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If you are reading this, you probably should have already read yesterday’s post titled:

I Would Consider Being Recalled as a UFT Chapter Leader a Big Win

The third attempt recall me as UFT Chapter Leader failed as well. I’m not happy though. I’m not doing a “nanny-nanny-poo-poo I’m still the chapter leader” post here. I’m not happy, because there is a group that is not willing to work with us at IS 49. I have emailed them and called and asked that we all work together, but that is not what they seem to want.

I heard teachers looking to recall me were disrupting lessons today to remind educators to vote. Remember not voting, was a vote in my favor. Disrupting lessons I’m not happy.


In any case, let’s move Forward…shall we We have a lot of work to do and a big rally on Monday to oppose the co-location of Eagle Academy in our school. Stop the Co-Location info.

I’m here. You have my email and my number. I am still your chapter leader.

Should anyone at IS 49 want to go for a fourth attempt, let me make it a little easier.

Download this attachment, print, fill out and sign it. Otherwise assist the rest of us or get out of our way.


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  1. John Elfrank-Dana

    Congrats for you Francesco, even if you may have mixed feelings. That fact that they keep voting you back under the circumstances is a testament to your character and integrity.

    John Elfrank-Dana
    UFT Chapter Leader
    Murry Bergtraum HS

  2. That should say:

    James Eterno
    Chapter Leader what’s left of Jamaica High School

  3. yes, congrats. This is important at this time as it refutes the tenor of the DOE attack trying to isolate you.

  4. You are da’ man! Wish the folks down on 52 Broadway had as much balls as you.

  5. Disgusted Teacher

    Seems like you are not the problem. Your principal and her cronies/spies/kissasses are the problem.
    Time for them to go. Enough of people like this making a school a toxic place to work.

  6. Congratulations, Francesco. Happy to see you have the support of your colleagues.

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