Today’s Rally at Tweed

If you do some research on the actual construction of the Tweed Courthouse, you will find that it was actually built on theback of corruption. It was built using funds provided by the corruptWilliam M. “Boss” Tweed, whoseTammany Hallpolitical machinecontrolled the city and state governments at the time.Tweed became one of the wealthiest New Yorkers of the day by using the construction of the building as a pretext to embezzle millions of dollars from the city government and the public. A series of disruptions culminated in the trial of “Boss” Tweed in an unfinished courtroom of this building in 1873.The headquarters of DOE Central is actually a beautiful building and an architect’s dream, but what is going on there now

New Administration Same Staff and Policies

In the last decade ofpoor education policy, you can take any sign from any rally and there is one thing you will never see on it. That is the name of the lawyers, and DOE legal team members involved in those poor policies. You never saw “Michael Best…do what is BEST for our children!” Michael Best was the top lawyer or General Counsel until he moved to work under Bloomberg directly.

You never saw “Hey Courtenaye Jackson-Chase…Why are you advising the DOE to make decisions that hurt our children” However she is still at Tweed working closely with the new chancellor.


General Counsel Courtenaye Jackson-Chase at the right hand of the chancellors then and now

You never saw a rally sign that read “Hey Director of Labor Relations David Brodsky…stop attacking our educators and denying their grievances at 98% so they can properly teach our children!!

Director of Labor Relations still at DOE from 2006 to present day.

What about Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm, nicknamed the “Grimm Reaper” due to her closing of hundreds of schools She paved theway for a charter invasion.

Read:Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Got Preferential DOE Treatment, Emails Show

“…insiders say, show the preferential treatment that DOE officials including deputy schools chancellor Kathleen Grimm give Success Academy, whose 22 schools serve just 6,700 of the citys 1.1 million students.”

Also, let’s not forget the asbestos Issue ignored at a school in Staten Island.

Deputy Chancellor Grimm Hides Asbestos Disturbance

General Counsel Courtenaye Jackson-Chase in the DOE Since 2006

Chief Deputy Counsel Tracey Cooney in the DOE since early 2000s

First Deputy Counsel Judy Nathan is in the DOE since early 2000s

Director of Labor Relations David Brodsky in the DOE since 2006

2006 huh Any major changes to labor relations after that point Perhaps an increase on the attack on tenure and a decrease in tenure approval Mr. Brodsky

Other top attorneys still in the DOE from previous administration

Deputy Counsel Robin Greenfield

Senior Counsel Robin Merrill

Associate Counsel Robin Singer

Director of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI)

OLR Attorney Karen Solimando

What about testing and theover emphasis on testing Do you really think lawyers and directors are not involved in every decision made This issue is bigger than any parent, educator or taxpayer can imagine.

I love this picture below:

If you love that picture,thatrepresents collaboration with UFT, then you probably also loved this picture below:

Walcott Mulgrew

and this one….


I went to the Mulgrew-Faria Town Hall meeting last week in Staten Island. The words that came out of theirmouths were great. I wish I could believe that “Dignity and Respect” will return to our school communities.

One member raised their hand and asked about abusive administrators. The chancellor’s response was “You have to remember that the principals were being pressured and had their feet held to thefire by others.” I had my hand up to ask who were those others, but was never called on. I knew the answer and now you do too. Just scroll up and review the fact that nothing is going to change unless there is a clean sweep of many of those employees.

Today’s rally is about reminding the chancellor and mayor that we, the students, parents, andeducators, NEED a dramatic change and this summer should be used to clean house.



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  1. Let us know forget those of us in the mobile rubber room (ATR POOL) who have been put their by corrupt principals and the lawyers from Tweed. Would love to see one of them in a classroom

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