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More and more of us are being exposed to cases of blundered investigations, both by school administrators and actual investigators. Retaliation and wrongful attacks on educators usually follow. As a former engineer, I take every situation and try to break it down. “Oh that bridge collapsed…well was tha failure in the beams, columns, cables, legs What caused that to happen” So now as I see a potential issue I try to analyze it section by section. I had the opportunity, as chapter leader, to be included in the beginning stages of something that was not right…corporal punishment of a student by an administrator. With that I present you the timeline of the Mike Bravo Experiment. See if you can see a pattern.

(note: the names are changed to protect the innocent)

Stage 1: Mike Bravo witnesses a student being dragged down the hall, against their will, by an administrator. He contacts me, fills me in and I send the following email to the Principal and the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), while he submits a witness statement.


From: Francesco Portelos <>

Date: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 8:21 AM

Subject: Employee pulling child against will

To: Linda Hill <>, OSI-Inquiries <>,
Dear Ms. Hill,

As chapter leader of our school, IS 49, I was informed, by a staff member, of an incident witnessed. As we are mandated reporters I am reporting this to you and OSI.
“On January 10, 2013 at the start of period 2 (approximately 9:06am) Assistant Principal _______ was seen pulling a student, named Jason, down the main hallway into the main office, by the wrist. It appeared it was against his will. Once entering the main office, as AP ____ continued to pullJason towards your office, Jason grabbed onto the counter with his free hand. At the point, the witness claims that AP _____ pried that hand off the counter and continued to pull him against his will into your office.”
This can be construed as Corporal Punishment and follows CR A-420.
OSI, please let me know if we have fulfilled our reporting obligations and if the witness should write this up on an official form.

— -Francesco Portelos

IS 49 UFT Chapter Leader
From: Dalton Christopher <>
Date: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 8:25 AM
Subject: RE: Employee pulling child against will
To: Francesco Portelos <>

Good morning,

Please provide the name of the witness.

Thank you,

Christopher J. Dalton

Deputy Director

Office of Special Investigations

65 Court Street, Room 922

Brooklyn, NY 11201


(718) 935-3800




From: Francesco Portelos <>

Date: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 4:16 PM

Subject: Re: Employee pulling child against will

To: Dalton Christopher <> Cc: Debra Penny <>

Good afternoon,

Paraprofessional Michael Bravo. He informed me that he wrote up the incident. Soon after he contacted me and told me, about 2 hours ago, that he is now being summoned for a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday by that same assistant principal, ______, that he witnessed do this.
Perhaps we can push back that disciplinary hearing.
Francesco Portelos
Pretty crazy, right He submits a claim of corporal punishment and he himself gets called in for corporal punishment just a few hours later. “What were the allegations against him” you ask Ready …he allegedly didn’t let a student leave to go to the bathroom. When DECEMBER 18TH! A month before.
It gets better. OSI decides to intake the case against the Assistant Principal. They assign investigator, Dennis Boyles. Now I don’t know Mr. Boyles, except for meeting with him recently, but I don’t like that he was mentioned as part of the principal’s support network in an email a few years ago.
See below:
From: Linda Hill
Date: Sep 27, 2010 9:55 AM
Subject: Network contacts

Here are the big wigs of our CFN.

Dr Lavin’s CFN N 303 Kathy Lavin 718 642 5843

Network Leader Laura Kaiser 718 642 5757

Dir of Operations Assessment ELL Grants Iris Bernstein Battino 718 642 5708

Achievement Data/ITT Summer School Rhonda Sorger 718 642 5832

CEIS Rosalba Bimbiras 718 642 5710 Facilities Food and Nutrition Transportation

Lori Marino 718 348 2980 Attendance 311 Liaison C- 1(917) 846 2563 H-(718) 967-8737

Bambi Levine 718 348 2912

SpEd Support Health Nicole Mew 718 348 2991

Special Education Anothony Mitchell 718 348 2989

Youth Development Safety Suspension Shawn Thompson 718 642 5855

Human Resources Payroll Gloria Quinn 718 642 5840 Budget Fax 718 642 5710

Hubert Guscott 718 935 4794 Medical Manager – DOE Medical Donald Conyers

Dennis Boyles 718 935 3896 <————–

— Linda V. Hill Principal,

IS 49 tel. 718 727 6040

fax. 718 876 8207


Want to take a guess as to how the investigation against the assistant principal will go I’m thinking the same way all the investigations against the administration have been going….nowhere.

I’ll keep you posted…

So far there has been no disciplinary action on Mike Bravo. My hats off to him. If we only had more educators who would stand up and fight for student rights.

UPDATE -03-18-13 Mike Bravo informed me that he received a disciplinary letter for his file today. In the letter it states that he did not allow a student to go to the bathroom. All the evidence shows that the student did not even ask to go to the bathroom, nor did they go to the bathroom on themselves Even if the allegations were true a non-disciplinary counseling memo would have sufficed. However, we are dealing with a retaliatory administration who lost the staff and is trying to keep them from speaking up.

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  1. Mike Bravo should know better than to do what is right, Doesn’t he know that those are the people who get harassed the most

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